Super Titan Warriors 2

Super Titan Warriors 2 is currently looking for fully active members for their alliance. We are currently going up against 7 and 8* Titans, with performance tracking done on them. With Titans we have goals set with needing to be at specific HP left at timed marks to evaluate if the Titan can be defeated or not. We do not use flasks unless absolutely necessary

Wars require the absolute most teamwork and we discourage anybody that wants to play lone ranger. We try our best to strategize with pairing members up and get the most out of all our flags to insure that we try to get the fastest turnaround on the board.

Missing 3 events in a row without prior notification will lead to being dismissed. While we are casual we do require that you be active. If at any time you know you are going to miss an event or be away for a certain period of time, it will be noted in Line for everyone to see and so you won’t be mistakenly removed.

LINE is a requirement to have. We currently are in open status with 600 trophies required, but 1,500+ is strongly preferred. We encourage lower level or inexperienced players to join as our seasoned players are more than willing to guide and aid you.

Our alliance name in the game is ‘Super Titan Warriors 2’. Currently looking to fill 3 spots.

Currently still seeking 4 more players. Trying to find some night owls/3rd shifters to help fill void on Titans getting hit during the overnight hours.