Super heroes

Merge 2 MAXED heroes together. And create a new buffed up version , with +25 % on all stats. This will help players that have a lot of heroes and nothing new to ascend. Many thanks

You mean like this?



Or like this

The hero academy will let you dump dupes and some mix of gems or stuff for a new hero. It’s still in the works and we’re all a bit worried it’s going to be a massive white elephant.

But they won’t be buffed.

Cool idea though.

Note to self: pitch White Elephant as new HOTM…


I am not worried at all about the upcoming academy, it will definetely need gems like alchemy lab, so for me its a lost bet.

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The game is slowly going one direction with everything new.

I still don’t know what a costume is but that will probably be going that way too.

Even this path of Valor thing you have to pay to get the premium rewards apparently…

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depends on what it takes to get premium! If it cost gems then f2p can do it may take time but available! If it cash then can see another divide in people’s opinion! If the loot is good for free then it maybe not ■■■■ people off!

Costumes could be good the thread about 4* heros becoming obsolete is interesting as maybe they could be better in a different role teamed up with others!
It’s a working progress for the good somehow it can benefit everyone!


From what I read, in beta the cost was free so noone knows what it will be. I am assuming cash as they said it came with gems and a EHT.

I also heard it may be achievable for free if you get so far or complete so many challenges.

But it is in beta so who knows what will happen.

The costumes I will need to read more on as I don’t know much about those.

at least I won’t get flagged this time…