Super defense team



I just need your opinion for my defense team.
For my defense team, I would like to put:

Lianna | boss wolf | Guinevere | Ares | Delilah

I know that Lianna is the only attacker in my team but my intention is to make other players don’t even wanna try to battle with me or, at least, drain all the energy out of the body and fatigue comes after long long battle >:japanese_ogre:

My current team is:

Lianna | boss wolf | Guinevere | Delilah | marjana

In my current team, I have two attacker. I put guin and delilah next to each other since guin’s speical will protect deliah well and also boost her mana better than being on edge.

Would it be worthy to bring Ares into my defense team?


If your defense doesn’t seem to be holding trophies too well, it may be due to lack of attack specials. Boss Wolf, Guin, Delilah, Ares…none of them attack back much.


I generally prefer to run a rainbow defense team with 3 snipers, 1 healer, and 1 AoE or utility hero. Right now I have Lianna, Isarnia, Delilah, Sartana, Marjana and I generally maintain around 2500 cups


Lianna, boss wolf, guinevere, ares, and another sniper like alasie would i prefer.