Sunshine Heroes come in and find out

Hello everyone, we are the Sunshine Heroes!

We are a German-speaking alliance with currently 20 members. At the moment we are fighting against 7* and 8* titans.

We are looking for: active players, regardless of their level, who enjoy the game and also like communicate with one another.

We offer: an open alliance with clear rules, but without compulsion. Experienced players are happy to provide support. A voluntary line group is available for exchange.

Alliance rules: real life comes first, so titan is voluntary but of course desired. War if you want, only if you check the box 6 attacks are duty. Players are demoted if not all 6 attacks were used. “Members” then have to go. On the other hand you will be promoted again if all 6 attacks are used in the next war. After 20 days of inactivity, we part ways.

So dare to take a look, we looking forward to seeing you!

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