Sundesmos - Recruiting active players - New alliance but experienced players!

Sundesmos is recruiting!

We’re currently 6 of 30 (with 3 of 4 core players at 3870+ and approaching a year of play) in day 2 of operation, but looking to expand our roster with some like-minded adult-like folks. What makes you like-minded? Being a bit of a smartass who isn’t a dumbass and is willing to put their time in for daily participation

Too small to meet our cup requirement? We’re willing to waive it and spend time to help train you into the war machine we all want you to be, but you have to be willing to learn.

Joining is easy: Have 800 cups minimum (negotiable) and look us up! Line exists but is optional (except for training), and bring your big kid pants.

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Still needing some experienced and fun players! Always willing to help!

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