Sun Shangxiang not consistently applying defense down on Titans

I believe you both, I was just seeing if I could replicate it but wasn’t able to. Too many possible parameters for me to guess at what would cause it to fail to display in some cases but not in others.

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Here is a screen shot from my alliance mate who just fired all specials. Boldtusk attack up visible. G. Falcon EDD is visible … no Sun’s DD.



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This happens for me as well each time I have fired off Sun Shangxiang against a Titan. Here are some screenshots I took to give additional evidence…


Interesting, the commonality between the two sets of evidence is only Guardian Falcon, at least in terms of heroes. Not to say it is conclusive that he is the problem, only I don’t have him and have not seen her defense down icon disappear.


I use C Marjana, not Falcon. I have the same issue.

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Thanks. Possibly it is the actual Elemental Defense Down then. I will try on my next flag and bring C.Marjana into the mix she is only 3/70 so I don’t use her too much but I will fire Sun followed by Marj and see what happens. Will report back (not that any of us users can fix it :upside_down_face: )

The same here. I also recorded, I can share if needed.

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Ok I replicated it, and it does just seem to be about speed of the other heroes firing and not tied to anything else that I am seeing:

I have notified Staff to look at this visual issue.


Thank you for the reports! We will look into this here.


This bug is also effecting the challenge event, if you are trying to use her.

I also just noticed, that if you are use Wilbur’s special first and then Sun Shangxiang’s special, that the defense down completely disappears. As mentioned earlier, it is not known, if it is visual bug or if it’s broken and not working as intended.

Came to post this, i just wasted the board of the century

It seems to just be that the icon is not showing up, but the DD is actually in place.


came to report the exact same bug. glad someone from SG had filed a ticket officially, kinda sucks finding out about this after LBing for a first titan test run :rofl:

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this problem also happens in pve stages like quests and maps

the defense down icon not showing up but the effect is there

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Probably a general bug at this point, but I’m seeing a similar thing. I slam Kunchen, Bai Yeong and Perseus in quick succession, and while the full stats pane shows all the ailments, the mini-icon status only shows the first two.

Came to report this also - Glad I checked to see if it had been brought up to SG notice first. Visual error or actual error it needs to be sorted as one can’t always pause attacks to confirm status in pane.

The fix will be in Version 48.
Right now it is in Beta:

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