Sumo Slam Alliance has 1 open spots. Come on by

Sumo Slam is one of the original alliances. Est 2/2017.
We have excellent players but attrition and burn out happens. We are looking for 4 players level 40+ who have the same addiction. EP and fun. 1 rule…use all flags

Come learn the best ways to grow, kill titans and war strategies as well. Killing 9 & 10* titans

We aren’t Studio 54 but are active in alliance chat. Come by and meet the team that can help you win. We’ll leave the light on for you. Not endorsed by Motel 6. Thanks, Sumo Slam


Hey Slam, I hope you read this. This is Dr J. There are some problems with my account, so I could not log on. Sorry! Hope to be back asap.

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