Summons Tokens Missing

I was 2nd in a recent Titan defeat and received a token and at the same time got a summons token for watching a video, both of which were not credited to my player. This was approximately 30 minutes or so ago. Can you help?

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Usually you want to contact support directly:

I’ve been missing at least one-two summonses on days for a bit now but I wasn’t positive until I filled & won the defeated nature monsters chest! I was suppose to have three try’s but only received two!! I hope I have posted in the right forum for this to get fixed please!

Hi @NennaPelle, and welcome to the Forum! You did exactly the right thing by searching for.a bug report thread that matched your problem, and then posting in it.

Can you go into your Recent Activity log (under the Support tab in-game) and check to see how many summoning tokens of each kind the system thinks you received?

Thank you. I’ll go to the recent activity & check out what it says. Thanks @Garanwyn

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Ok I’ve checked out the recent activity & it’s showing it gave me three summonses BUT it only gave me two. This isn’t the first time but at least it wasn’t a higher summons because I’ve lost a few of them too!!! Please fix this bug. I don’t want to lose anymore summonses. Thanks…take care!

If the number of tokens you actually received isn’t matching what the log shows, you’ll need to submit a support ticket. Here’s how to do that:

They should be able to look at the logs and verify how many tokens you had before and after receiving your loot.

You’ll want to make sure to explain the problem in detail, e.g.: The recent activity log showed that I received 3 summoning tokens, but when I went to use them, there were only 2 available.

I hope they’re able to resolve this for you. Good luck!