Summons token discrepancy- SOLVED

The summons gate icon on home screen says I have 35 tokens. The general inventory says I have 3 epic and 31 common tokens.

Just sayin

Do you by chance have VIP and it’s time for your Daily Summons? That would explain the notification showing more than the number of tokens you have.



35 tokens

or 36 characters

Hmm, any Epic Troop Tokens on hand?

Ask all at once. No means 20 characters

Just checking.

Then you should contact support with screenshots and your account ID.


This was more a heads up than a request on a very lazy day

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Thanks, it’s a helpful heads up if other people turn out to have the same issue. But otherwise it’s likely an issue specific to your account — which is why I suggest contacting support. SGG never addresses account issues on the Forum.

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Could these be Atlantis tokens included in the count? Just thinking out loud here on a lazy afternoon :grin:

Atlantis coins only show up during Atlantis. I have 7 EHT & 235 Atlantis cokns and show 7 free summons.

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So my count of tokens remains off by one. Will this be so forever? Would hate to use them all and still have my base page showing me there is one remaining.

Pls fix

Can you upload pictures of the 3 summoning gate screens? Where is the off-by-1 happening?

EHT & ETT agree at 4 each; daily summons does not show total at gate, but seems obvious it is there.

I wonder if it’s bugging on your daily summon. Did you used to be VIP and then lapse, by chance? I could imagine it getting confused when dropping from two summons to 1, for instance.

There do seem to be an inordinate number of notification visual bugs…

Does the next Daily summons timer show up?

For a better description see

([Photos] Daily Summons & Hoarding Tokens or how to tell when your next Free summons if you have tokens in inventory)

It disappears when your next Daily summons is ready


If no vip, no timer.

Quick reminder is look for a pet dragon. If there is one, I think, the color denotes vip package bought.

No dragon…sad.

Everyone, no VIP and VIP, has a timer ( see photo ).

My graphic shows 13 hours 58 minutes, but when it vanishes, I will show +2 or 62 on my summons gate with VIP or show +1 or 61 on my summons gate with no VIP.


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The dragon nest spot isn’t visible in the pics you posted, so I couldn’t tell visually :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m afraid that runs me out of ideas. Hopefully, when you burn through your summons tokens, it will sort itself out. Good luck!


You probably have a free summon it count as +1

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