Summons rates are unfair to players

No thanks, i think those goin overboard each month on summons could probly use it more.

Always thinkin of fellow players…has Time elected their person of the year yet? Would like to toss my name in the hat for passin up on that cookie for the good of strangers

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I’m sorry. It does suck when that happens.

Define “fair” in your mind?

No. They did exactly what you told them to – have you 10 randomly selected heros using the posted odds.

Hmmm… Greta vs. Rigs. Tough call there…

here’s a pat on the head for being such a good boy :raised_hand: :dog2:

Lol guessin your wallet is empty due to lack of self control and the inability to just say no?

I’d be annoyed too but moreso at myself than a company that didnt force you to go broke

I’m soooo sick of whiners…Ever been to casino?

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