Summons rates are unfair to players

I am a 52 level player, have more than 55 maxed heroes and I do more than 50 to 60 pulls Monthly but for the last months I haven’t received any five star heroes because the summons rates are getting ridiculous and unfair to most of the players. No if you want to play a satisfying game it needs to be equal for everybody.I understand that there are people that pay thousands of dollars but you guys have to fix and to make the summons rates better for everyone. I understand that it’s nonsense to have all five star heroes but there is a huge number of players that actually have them cause they spend a lot. Now I understand that the company wants to generate profit but with this summons rates you are going to make the players quit like I am considering to quit playing. This is a honest suggestion for the staff cause I know people for this reason and there will be people players that will quit


I’d love to see better odds at summoning but i doubt SG will change the odds for the better, and i don’t mean like 0.1% better. This is just how the game is designed. Like a slot machine. It’s a great way to make people spend more. It would be great if there were other ways to aquire heroes aside from the summon gate.


I know they generate money and I know it is designed like a slot machine but if you play for five months in a row in the slot machine , it will actually give you something not like this… nonsense. And i spend money It’s not that I don’t and even spending money doesn’t help you to get any fives are heroes imagine the guys that don’t spend money how unfair the game is

I am playing for more than a year now and got just 5 legendaries till now… with many pulls… specially Atlantis is a great disappointment for me…

Only been playing for about 2.5-3 months now and last month was my first 10 pull and it was in Atlantis and all I got were a bunch of 3* doubles and 2-3 that are more geared for raiding or wars from what a mod here said and I also got Miki. Mike is I guess the best one I got. Today I was short about 600 gems of a 10 pull in Atlantis so I only used 3 free summons from Atlantis coins and got in order Ariel, Melendor and on the third and last free coin pull I got Gato and the bonus draw of Grazul. Now have 2 Gato`s.

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  • Miki not Mike. type on my part.

What you have to understand is SG is not out to make a great game. They aren’t trying to make a fair game. They aren’t some tortured artist striving to leave their legacy. They are here to make money.

This is the issue inherent in micro-transaction based games, they are just trying to make a game good enough to keep you playing and spending. It is not the goal that you get all the hero’s, it is the goal that you chase the dragon.

Of course the odds are bad. Of course the “updates” are full of ptw stuff. Of course they barely interact with the community. You’ll never reach the end without putting so much money in SG’s pocket that you could’ve bought a nice car. Even then there will be new hero’s soon, diminishing the value of your previous investments.

Now the question is, can you have fun anyway? For me at least the answer is yes. Once you accept this game for what it is and lower your expectations it can be a lot of fun, but don’t compare it to “real” games because it isn’t one.


Summons rates are unfair to players

Most likely true but they’re unfair to everyone, so that makes them at least fair in their unfairness.


Amen 20 tortured artistic characters

You have been playing for 3 months, made 13 pulls, and got THREE 5*s? My man…That is fantastic and nothing to complain about. Further, miki is (arguably) the best titan hero is the game, Ariel is probably the best healer in the game, and Grazul is a fantastic hero.

and FWIW, Gato is a great 3*. max them both and use them for color stacking.


I used to play World of Warcraft for a number of years it just feels like its slow progression and lower drop rates then I was used to in WOW. I forgot to mention that I also have Rigard.

Summon rates are very fair to players in that we all get the same.

Summon rates roundly SUCK and artificially inflate the game’s difficulty.

But really, when you look at it… if you got all the heroes you wanted, everyone else would too. And there is boredom when you have no new heroes to try for.
emphasized textThis game is pay-to-win, make no mistake. Just like someone who buys 999 tickets to a match 3 lottery. You’re going to get what you want if you put forth the money.

SG has a delicate balancing act, much like the wizard of Oz… because when you get down to it— the actual game itself really is monotonous. What keeps me coming back is the social aspect and all the myriad ways they choose to distract from the monotony.

Draws are fun because you COULD get something. I was stunned to get Alby today in a 10 pull but did not fail to notice 9 3* right after. And to think that I almost saved it all for pirates…


■■■?! I bought 10 summons with no 4-5 star, only 3… Can you make your game more fair, this is total BS!!! You stole ALL my money!

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Theres roughly a 3% chance of that happening. Which means every day thousands of players are getting that outcome

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I did two 10 pulls on wednesday and i got santa and mother north, and even grimble. i’m pretty much satisfied with the drop rate so far. It’s all about luck

Pretty much satisfied???
You will never again have that luck.
I think it was easier to win the lottery that getting 2 event 5* and 1 hotm in 20 pulls.
Enjoy your luck.
I am jealous… :wink:

Sarcasm my friend, i can’t even find the words to describe how excited i was after those pulls! Like i said, it’s all about luck

I honestly think bad luck protection would help the OP’s issue, without disrupting the long slow patient nature of the game.

If a player hasn’t received a 5-star pull in 3 months? Bump the pull rate by 1% per month until a 5 is drawn…

If a player has gone 6 months without a HotM or event pull? Bump the pull rate by 1% per month until a HotM or event hero is drawn…

If a player hasn’t seen a 4* mat in 6 months? Bump the pull rate by 1% per month until a 4* mat is drawn…

etc. etc.

I think this sort of change should be implemented without transparency - players should not know the exact ins-and-outs of a bad luck protection system (lest they game the system somehow, with alts, or intentionally idling, whatever - it shouldn’t be worth their while).

Anyway - I do believe bad luck protection would keep players happy without disrupting SGG’s bottom line. I’d love to see it implemented.


My bad luck protection is typically sticking to my budget but what do i know…

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here have a :cookie:

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