Summons Portal Coins (like Atlantis Coins) for Event, Seasonal, Epic, and/or Elemental Summons

Hello, I’ve been thinking about one thing … The fact is that to get runs in the atlantis portal, you can go collecting cards until you get 100 and thus be able to make an invocation.
Well, we can move this idea to do the same with the portal of events that opens every bit with specific events such as Easter, Christmas, pirates … etc … Because not have tokens for this portal also that is not permanent and appears occasionally? They could be obtained in chests of any kind, and in individual battles that only give meats and recruits.

You can use epic hero tokens for easter and christmas event.

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And for pirate’s of corelia, morlovia…

By cards you mean atlantis coins, right? If so, yes, I like the idea of adding event coins to summon monthly event heroes.

I don’t think these new coins would break the game balance. Getting atlantis coins from rewards barely gives people a free summon every 2 months.

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Yes, its the idea. Sorry but I’m Spanish. Haha

My main language is spanish too. I read your other post in foreign languages, that’s how I understood you were talking about coins :smile:

If you change the word cards for coins I think people will get the idea.

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Yes … What happens is that I do not want to be confused with the golden coins that they already give … Of epic heroes … It is not the same … It is only for when an event portal is opened.

Those golden coins are called tokens, so I think it will be fine. People will understand the idea behind event coins.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Basicly you can use tokens in seasonale events:
-Sand Empire

You can’t use tokens in monthly events (and atlantis but atlantis have atlantis coins)

If I remember good SG said in AMA, they thinking about something like your idea but they not going to add this in close future. (I don’t trust my memory in 100%)


You’re correct, Tim mentioned wanting to add a free way to be able to Summon for Challenge Event heroes.

I imagine we might see that added alongside the revamp of the Challenge Events.

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I had no idea about that … I just thought … if it’s already mentioned before I did not know … and I hope it’s voted or whatever it takes to get it out because it seems like a good reason to continue the game one more season.

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now in the arena event you can use the golden coins of epic hero

Atlantis coins are awarded on season 2 maps, and once 100 are collected it can be used for a summon at the atlantis portal.
The 100 atlantis coins are an ‘Atlantis Token’ broken into 100 pieces.
I suggest that they introduce COINS for all the different summoning options.

Epic Hero Tokens (EHT) are still given out, but now there are more ways of getting Epic Hero Coins (EHC).
These would be found in:
-all common and uncommon quests
-both versions of Farlhome Pass
-Season 1 maps
-Seasonal Events (since you can use an EHT for them)
and all other generic rewards.

Elemental Hero Tokens currently do not exist, but Elemental Coins (EC’s) should be available in all color specific Rare Quests, and the monthly Challenge Events.
Elemental coins of a certain color can be used to summon from the rotating daily Elemental summons, or from the monthly Challenge events of the appropriate color.

They are all color identified by their reflected colors:
Blue (Ice) = Knights of Avalon, Frostmarch
Red (Fire) = Fables of Grimforest, Mount Umber
Green (Nature) = Riddles of Wonderland, Shrikewood
Yellow (Holy) = Guardians of Tetloc, Shiloh Desert
Purple (Dark) = Pirates of Corellia, Morlovia

Seasonal events should drop both types of coins, and lots of them

There can also be many more new ‘coin’ quests that are common and uncommon.

Since there will be 5 colors of EC’s, all 5 colors should be transmutable in the Alchemy Lab or Hero Academy to EC’s of another color. Any type of summon token or coin should be transmutable to another kind in those buildings!
@EmpiresPuzzles @Petri

Rumor says this is in Beta along with improved tier completion loot, stage loot drops and ranking loot.

Looking forward to our overworked @zephyr1 's awesome write up.


The first version is up. :slight_smile:

🧪 Early Information on New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V23]


Closed as this has been implemented.

There are now event summons coins & EHTs can be used in seasonal summons

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