Summons for mother north

I have pulled 6 players of the month this month in hopes for mother north. Has anyone else had this problem?

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5* seasonal is 0.6% chance… that’s brutal odds. I pulled Santa off of a token and I new it was my RNGesus gift of the year.


Honestly save your gems. I pulled Santa the first few days, got him to 3-70, been great n got me into diamond. But now I am tired of looking at his face everyday.


I concur. Save the gems. I deal with slow mana, heroes that revive and almost instantly are dead again…not to mention having to see her all spring and summer. Give me Kage.


I wasn’t lucky to get MN, but got Santa off a token, was hoping to get Eve… but hey, I’m known for getting slow mana lol. Quite happy actually as he is my first proper tanky 5* card, so I’ll cherish what I get with my low gaming budget lol
Maybe the SG gods will bless me woth the mew hotm during January as she seems great :pray::pray::pray:


funnily enough i did a final 10x pull in my december budget hoping for Buddy. Got Mother North…and was disappointed. :wink:


I got her from single epic hero token and Iove her :slight_smile:

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40000 gems so far. Still not in basket. Better save for Ariel…

Don’t spend money that you need…


Pulled Mother North and also 5 times Evelyn.
My prob now is an “evelynoverflow” :wink:

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Be honest with yourself—can you ever imagine leveling up more than two Evelyn’s? Maybe keep three, just because.

Thx for your reply.
My thoughts were similar and so I chose Evelyn to level up her dupe to get a good percentage on leveling up the special too.
I am german and so I dont know the english massage for the following.
Was something like: Youre about to level a legendary hero and healing is not possible.
Do you know what that exactly means?
Because of this message I didnt do it and still have 5 Eves :lol:

Pulled 9 Santas and 13 Evelyns. No Mother North. You can call “random chance” all that you want, but the statistical probability of pulling a Legendary Seasonal Hero is 0.6%. What are the odds that the Season Hero that I do pull is Santa…NINE FRIGGING TIMES? Yep, still bitter.

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I did several pulls but on two accounts I got 3x Rudolf only. No other seasonal hero :frowning:

My absolutely F2P noob account got her from a free Epic Hero token just after Christmas. I wasn’t aiming or hoping for anything!

I absolutely love her. This two-month old baby account is doing better than my main account with 2 HotMs (no Christmas ones tho). I stupidly spent gems trying to get her using my main, but got crappy pulls haha. Better not spending :slight_smile:

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Got him (Santa) with a single token as well… Lucky as f.

Nothing to add. Just… luck. As always with summons :frowning:

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i got 4 evelyns, 7 or 8 buddys & ruldoph, 0 santa & mother f north. yet i got genevie easily. almost wanted to smash my phone

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Same boat here. I spent a stupid amount of $$ trying to get Mother North (and Kage during the Atlantis event). Got neither… but got 6 Evelyns. SMH

Apparently, it’s easy to hit on a 1.3% chance… but ■■■■ near impossible to hit on 0.6%

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Why r u spending so much for a hero that’s not even good?

I had the opposite experience. Over a 100 pulls really wanting Evelyn and nothing. I did get 5 buddys and 6 rudolphs.

I’m going on a spending hiatus for awhile.

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