Summons Fix

We need to have something fixed with the summons system.

  1. Way too many 3* Dropping (This is really expensive food when 7 can drop on a single 10 pull) This is equivalent to $30. I can train the same amount of food in 1-2* heroes in a training camp overnight.
    a. need to drop something more useful in its place (ascenscion materials, pre ascended 3* heros, troop tokens, speed ups for war, raid, and titan energy )
    b. stop dropping them all together… this doesnt make quite as much sense but why would you want to pay for these anyways.

  2. 5* Drop rates are a little extreme specially when there is a new HOTM every month.
    a. increase the drop rates.
    b. if your not going to drop 5* heroes then maybe you should dish out trainer heroes into these pulls.

  3. Purchasing of ascension items is way to much of a gamble pulling 2 of a group that could potentially be a 1* or 2* that you can farm for.
    a. let us have drop chances on the map for ascension items 3* and 4*
    b, lower the amount of ascension items it takes to max out; 8 is a bit extreme considering 2 random.
    c. let us purchase the specific 3* and 4* ascension items for a set price to level these heroes up.

Morning @ABCTeapot

Increase 5* drop rate or drop fully ascended 3* heroes.

That could be done :+1:

And with more 5* heroes everyone needs more Ascension materials

Ok, farmable on the map or easily purchased as you suggested.

That could be done.:+1:

Then would everyone would have strong 5* teams in a few weeks? :skull::smiling_imp::japanese_ogre::space_invader::clown_face:

Maybe that’s ok, I’m not saying that’s good or bad, just the consequence.

So the catch is -

Would people play this game for two years in that case? I would suggest that player turn over would be much higher.

And would it turn a profit for the developers?

So to then increase the longevity of the game, SG could introduce 6* cards, 5* Ascension materials etc and then haven’t we come full circle?

I know that the drop rates can be frustrating but a noticeable increase would fundamentally change the structure of the games arc and long-term player experience.

Maybe people are ready for that?


Reason I post this is the players who played in 2017 are quite ahead of the new players in 2018. They actually nerfed the ascension mats from titans dramatically. Only reason I know this is because of the players I currently play with have 20-5* maxed out. So a quick response to your question would be there are already players that are ungodly ahead.

For the profit for the current developers. This is a very compact community of developers and im sure your well aware that they plan on keeping the team small. Check this article out if you want

And the way they are releasing 5* HOTM now with Event and Seasonal heroes. One could only assume they would make killer profits off such a move. They want us to pay obviously. 6* in the future for sure. And no im not a big spender so this isnt coming from that side of the community. I dont even have a full 5* team yet.

I would rather see trainers than 3* heros in the summons.


One of the old rpg style games I use play had a system that over time, the older rare cards would become available at a much higher rate or during special events. These (5*) rare cards became obsolete power and skill wise as the designers made new heros with better stats and skills. In the old days, when I use to use LINE app, a new released hero could go for $20-40 based on player opinion. The old obsolete heros were maybe 1.00 if that. The point is, the game still generated a high revenue because everyone was after the latest and greatest of cards. I think if this game made 1 or 2 5* heros more available in a 3month period, you wouldnt lose anything to the game. It already takes alot to fully level our heroes and it would take around 15 months (450 days, 1.3yrs) for anyone to get a full 5* team. I am getting close to 300 days and have the luck to pull one 5* in Atlantis. I think ascension rate is ok, cause makes you have to really play to get strong.

In another post, I had suggested summons put a gap between duplicate pulls. Maybe a 3 card space. So instead of drawing bane back to back, you would get bane, moon hawk, karil, bane etc… the pull rate already makes getting 4 or 5* extremely rare. Which is when I also suggested a pull counter were coins gives u 1% and payments give 2% or something. The rate maxes at 50% and pulls all 4 and 5* into a group. Since there no guarantee on not pulling a hero u already have, the odds for a new hero is still very low. This would just give the feeling like u could actually benefit from playing or paying.

Just wanted to put this out there again. And trainer heros mixed in would be nice, however I would rather get a chance toward a hero I dont have yet.

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I feel like HOTM is outdated for the average player by the time its fully leveled. They have to keep bringing new heroes into the game to bring interest. So why not make it a little more efficient getting them into play for the players. Trainer heroes would level them up faster.

Because that will cost them money.

That would actually make them money. Not really sure I see how that would cost anything for them. More leveled up heroes and the draw of new HOTM would bring in new purchases from current players. A lot of players just refusing to drop on a summons because they are backed up leveling.

I agree. A lot of people won’t spend because they’re scared of dropping $100 for junk, so it’d be a larger pool of players potentially willing to try their hand at summons

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