Summons dud



Some of my fellow alliance members talk about a chest for 10 pulls of a summons where they get a kicker extra summons. They pull the special of the month character on the bonus pull. I have done multiple pulls and the only chest I’ve seen is when the season 2 heros were available. I have spent plenty of money getting gems and have done plenty of summons including a 10 pull deal. I am at level 28 and still have not received a 5* hero. I see other players that are well below that level with at least one if not more of these heros. Why do I not get the chest and they do? Why am I spending this money if I can’t reap the benefits of getting a higher level hero?


Your comfort can be that a solid 4* team is the most important part of even hoping to get the ascension material to get a 5* to tier 4. Keep building the 4* and keep collecting those 4* ascension mats. I bet your alliance mates don’t have what is needed to take their 5* to that final tier and their 4*s are still their best heroes.

I get that it’s frustrating but I have 4 5* after 6 months and level 30 but those 5* are stalled at 2/60 while I choose to move my 4* to 4/70.

edit, that with cheap to play spending only on VIP and event gems at $1.99 or less, and only 2-4 pulls at a time.

I’m at TC20 and waiting another 4 days to research before my first TC20 training, maybe within 2 months I’ll have a couple more 5*, or maybe none?


I have 11 4* heros I’m leveling up. Trying to keep 30 decent heros for wars. I just figured I should be deserving of at least one good power hitting 5*! I got healers coming out my ears!


Are you running Training Camp 20? Maybe 2x? This is a great source of no-cash 5* heroes.


I’ll add that I’ve also seen a lot of lower level players with teams of weak underdeveloped 5* and they are generally an easy win, and they will regret not having a solid 4* team with options to switch out 4* to tailor to the opponent soon enough.

Still sucks that you don’t have a few to keep on the bench waiting for material later, they will come.


I haven’t made it that far yet. Just see others that are not near as far into the game as I am getting a lot more perks. I’ll get there but it just seems uneven. What’s the deal with the chest mentioned with summons?


I’ve never heard of a summon “chest”. Only the standard 1 or 10 pull via gems, Epic token summon or Atlantis coins. HotM is a bonus pull awarded on any type or amount of Elemental/Epic/Event summon. Selected previous HotM are available from the Atlantis gate.


And without wishing you the same bad luck, I was level 36 before I got my first 5*. Patience and/or outright stubbornness are rewarded…eventually :smiley:


There is a bonus chest in the Atlantis summons, when you do 10 summons. It contains a couple of ingredients and a rare ascencion item. The bonus draw of HOTM is just a random bonus draw and has nothing to do with a chest. I think your alliance buddies got that mixed up.