Summons box

I have noticed that the Elemental summons box has been replaced by the Challenge Summons box however this is not fair.
The Challenge summons box has exactly the same hero’s in it as the Epic summons box except for the new 5 hero’s.
Wouldn’t it then have made more sense to have changed the Epic summons box into the challenge box and left the Elemental summons box as it is because some of us are waiting on a specific colour hero which we are more likely to get from elemental than from epic. If Challenge didn’t have the same hero’s as Epic then I could see why you changed elemental but right now they are identical except for the 5 challenge heros.
Just a thought.


I was thinking the sams thing. New players asked me about this the other day. They asked if they should spend gems on elemental summons or challenge summons. Told them elemental since getting a hero they have a need for has better odds in elemental than event. If a player has all 3* or 4* team except for 1 element then elemental summon definitely is the way to go. Rather than do an event summon and possibly get one of the featured heros but still have a gap in the element the player needed.

I don’t know; I’d rather have epic pull than a color I flatly don’t need.

The only problem I have with the current system is the legendary gacha is based on calendar date, so if the color you want falls during the event, you don’t have access.

That said, 10 more days of waiting isn’t the end of the world.

Yes but that is what epic summon is for. That’s my point they have in effect turned the challenge event summons into an epic summon with 5 new hero’s in it.
I want a specific colour but now I have to wait until the challenge summons box has finished. If they are going to put all the epic hero’s into the challenge summons box then it makes more sense to replace or rename the epic summons box challenge until it’s finished.

They have taken elemental summons box out for now and put the challenge summons box in which isn’t fair when it only has the same hero’s as the Epic summons box underneath it. The only difference is the 5 new hero’s. They should have kept the specific colour elemental summons then challenge summons, troops summons and daily summon

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