Summons Are You Happy?

Huh? How’d you arrive to this conclusion?


The bonus draws happen rarely for most people you wont know you get a bonus draw untill it happens. Every summon in most portals (where listed) has a chance to have a bonus draw of the current featured Hotm.

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Maybe that would be fair, but the published odds are 3.8% for any 5*. Thats an aversge of 25 summons to get a 5* hero. The HotM and S1 5* are included in this probability.
Its common to get nothing in 30-50 pulls and next month you get two 5* and a HotM from a 10-pull. Dont spend if you expect to get something for it. If you can not really afford it or you can not stand the feeling you got nothing of worth for your money, f2p or not playing at all is the only way for you, because most times you will get only feeders from summons. If you spend for the fascination of the summons and you set a reasonable limit and stick to it, everything is fine.
Happy gaming and good luck


I did 17 pulls there too. But I did 16 pulls 2 days ago and got nothing. Today I did one pull and got Lu Bu

We have a new Newton on horizont

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And you call me lucky ? :innocent:
By the way did three pulls, one on Monday for a 3* feeder and two today after getting the loot.
Got the mighty Bane and…. Zhuge….:partying_face:

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I just do that from time to time. Inside voice tells me to do a pull and I get it almost every time.
Same happened with c Gefjon and Tethys(although in a ten pull but got 2 5* and a Hotm)
Can’t explain it but feels like seeing the future


A count of how many 5 stars there were in a particular pull but that changes with them all. I am happy most of the time with my pulls I sometimes get the shaft and get all 3 stars that sucks when I pay so much for the pulls. But sometimes I get alot of the type of pull it is and that is ok even if they are 3 and 4 star, especially when I just got the new HotM Yay

Too bad it took me over 100 dollars to get that

Congrats on the HOTM, very nice hero.

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I did 29 pulls in WO3 but got lots of S3 and one CaoCao … I am not happy but also not sad.

Let me Tell this way:

I am Playing for 4 years and I still Hope to get First costumes of Marianne and Leonidas!


Since begin of November 2022 (pets event) I did 598 pulls. I was really lucky with my pulls:

Santa Claus (only costume new)
Krampus (only costume new)
Malicna (free pull in s2)
Ruby (free pull from the SG-store Christmas gift)
Xiatou (with 4th EHT)
Guardian Hippo
Guardian Gazelle
Guinevere (2x)
…………and 5 Balur (no Morax !) + 3 R&N
…………and 6 S1 5*

I bought the most from offers in the web store, not in the game itself.

i had my longest dry spell in the ninja portal. 48 pulls without a ninja and just a HOTM.

Things went much better in the Challenge festival portal. 73 total pulls with Hippo, Gazelle, 2 Guinevere and one HOTM.

In total i summoned 33 5* out of 598 pulls.
That is a rate of 5,5% and well above the probabilities.

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That is the best answer so far. Why are we spending money to get air time??? It should be free and when we spend money and have nothing to show for it, well thats crazy. I have kids to spend my money on but i do like to give myself something every once in awhile. Here lately I have cut down on the $50.00 Google cards and spent more on my kids. Makes me happier to help them with their bills and auto payments and their rent. So 10 to 20 here and there on me is all I plan to be spending on heros in the future.


I think that the summons are misleading. I just used the goblin summon which leads you to believe that you will receive a 4 or 5 star hero guaranteed but I only got a 3 star hero. What a rip off be us it happens with all the different summons.
Looks bad in my eyes and the game is getting boring anyway so will stop spending money on this garbage.
STOP misleading your customers.

Huh? Which part of the goblin summon make you think there will be “GRANTEED” 4 or 5 star?

In fact, it’s well known goblin summon has the lowest 5 star summon rate, 0.4/0.5% for EACH pull.


Yep, as players can all know the odds, we all farm to get gems and tokens, we all return to summons portals. All players equally face the same situation as we game with and against each other. I guess we must be happy.