Summons Are You Happy?

That is very lucky. I got a peppermint and thats about it then a buch of 3 star but who can complain just starting out had pretty good luck since then tho with Goretooth as one of my gift pulls.

Since November and until now and I’m not talking about previous months, 93 invocations I’ve done no 5* heroes not even hotms, I don’t know about you but it seems to me that sg is not neutral in this area and don’t tell me it’s a lottery it’s a lot of luck we see other 10 summons get at least the hotm ???

Since begin of November 2022 (pets event) I did about 300 pulls. I was really lucky with my pulls:

Santa Claus
Ruby (free pull from the SG-store Christmas gift)
…………and 5 Balur (no Morax !)
…………and 4 S1 5*

I saved about 100 tokens and bought approx 200 pulls from offers (mostly webstore offers)

After Covenant summons I stop spending for about 1 or 2 month.


Am I happy? Yes and no. This is my second year chasing C-MN. In the process, I have gotten 7 HOTM, 3 Fated Summons (6 pulls away from a 4th), C-Santa, Peppermint, Augustus, Holly, and various & sundry S1 dupes. And ZERO C-MN.

Along the way, using tokens fornother portals, I got Aramis, Athos and Hathor.

Happy because overall it’s been an excellent month (even though I’m afraid to look at how much I’ve spent), but not happy because I really only wanted the one freaking hero that keeps eluding me!

Same here with Pengi. But got Krampus

Wish I got Ruby. I did get Goretooth hes a great hero. They did give great Christmas presents this year :smile:
I also want ms. Clause shes awesome but I never get luck with that pull. :disappointed:

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You got awesome hero’s @Toni16 , congrats. I have done 800 pulls in November and December. I can say my luck was below average.

This is what I got :roll_eyes:
Lady Loki

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To be honest this year’s christmas portal was so bad for me. In total i did 13 pulls (not consecutively). The most coins I burned at the same time was when the portal was opened (got 7 coins)

Interesting fact: all of them are s1. Not even 3* christmas hero

But I got my 1st Gargoyle this month, and thats something to celebrate

I have had a well-above average luck with pulls the last few months, BUT I got tons of HotM, dupes and the heroes usually considered weakest in the portal.

My main luck has been with Fire heroes. Except for Ruby who I wanted and did not get, managed to get a ton of great Fire 5* - Tetisheri, Xenda, C. Marjana, Alucard, C Gefjon etc.

What I find it interesting is that usually I am either very lucky in portal or very unlucky - either I get several 5* from a short amount of pulls or I get no 5* or maybe one, despite a larger number of pulls.

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I saved money this Xmas & got to spend quality time with family & friends, doing more than I could when I was spending to fatten SG/Zynga/Take-2
Was able to engage in a little more charity.
Got the most satisfaction from seeing the joy in little eyes when they got an extra toy/gift, felt better than when I would pull a 5 star & them have to wait for ascension mats (or pay for them) & by the time I could level them up, the hero would be obsolete
Cheers & wish all of you & your loved ones a happy new year!!!


Yes, I’m very happy with these heroes and will max the most in the next weeks and months.

You got a double Khufu. I would love to have one copy of him, cause I still need falcon in my Titan team.

800 pulls is really a lot…

Yeah khufu was the one who made me happy :blush: I’m planning to reduce spending this year. It’s not really worth spending so much now because of powercreep and unlimited number of new hero’s.


Just thought I should give a perspective of the amount of pulls made during October & November 2022 (after the Fated Summons came out & before stopping in December 2022 after the balance update)
This makes it 1300 pulls!!!
Happy that I stopped spending :moneybag:!!!
Still don’t have MN or her costume but it doesn’t affect me now (no FOMO)

If I learned one thing in this game: Never chase a hero !

I tried it about two years ago and paid the bill. It was the time, when Marjana-c came out. I stopped after about 150 pulls.

For some players, who chase heroes, this is nothing. For me a lot and a bitter realisation.


Please go back to basic statistics course so you really understand how the system works!

I am not happy with summing results, spent a lot of money at 2022. But now I stopped donating due to summon results. Talked to support a lot of times. Making 200 summons in one months and do not get anything is absurd. I hope they will change summon percentage for different types of summon, for example if you summon x10 then getting legendary hero of the season is 1%, but if you summon x 30 then 2.5% for example.
But from other hand I am very happy now that not spending money for virtual game. And not planning to do it in near future.)))
At the end I wish everyone the best in new year!))

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Sometimes I’m happy … sometimes I’m like well ffs its about time … but most times I’m pissed enough to through my phone.

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I have pulled in the 3 kings portal 17 times and got all old 3 star heros that I already have. Not even a new hero al all. And the new R and N HotM isnt even there but it says I have a chance to get it. How if there are no bonus draws at all???

Ive spent alot of money just this week I think I just need to quit spending at all and get whats free and what I train.


I did count them and you should pull a 5 star every 7 pulls if its fair. But thats not always what happens. Silly. Not spending is the best way to play, and the best way to know your not getting ripped off. It will be more fun anyway. :smile: