Summons are ridiculous

The other two were Ariel and Atomos. Guess how I know that. The only 2 5s I got from 170+ pulls (about 160 HotM eligible; I really wanted Clarissa).

I did 90 summons during the Xmas event and got a 3rd Richard. That was the only 5. And that’s about average. My last pull got me Buddy, thankfully.

What shoul i do more to get ONLY 1 A+ hero after 14 months of playing this and shoping VIPs, Valors , gems… ??

Dont expect to get them. They will arrive when you least expect it. I have already given up on getting any of the challenge event 5*s then i got Lady Locke on a single coin summon. Dont chase any particular hero unless you have serious cash to burn.

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@ACA1976 Look at the summoning odds if you haven’t already. They are super low for 5*.

The most annoying thing … I guess the only one is not happening to me

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