Summons are ridiculous

Probably not as way under average as you think. Beginning of the year I did some 40 pulls in Teltoc (saved gems for months for that) – zero 4*. Over the next couple Teltocs I managed about 30 more pulls – zero 4*. So zero for 70 pulls, I was so frustrated. I did get 5 Bats …

Last weekend I had enough gems for a 10-pull. One of each. That’s RNG for you. Worst thing is to “expect” to get something.

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I don’t know what happened to my account. I’ve done enough draws without a 5 * hero … my colleagues have already caught hotm from a few draws. This situation is already getting annoying

It depends what you consider “enough”. I recall posts on here of people going 500+ pulls with no 5*. Or maybe that was HOTM. I can’t find them now.

This topic is really fun. People know their very low chance to catch 5* heroes, however after getting Berden or Renfeld start complaining.

Nobody is forcing anyone to spend money. There are 2 more options: Free to Play or quitting the game.

I don’t think devs will respond people complain here how much they spent so far.

For some players who always luckily pull 5* hero may doesn’t understand why other players keep complaining on extremely low hero summoning odds, especially they’ve spent a lot on buying gems for that. The most valuable players to the game company is the one who willing to spend on their game, so they really have right to express their dissatisfaction (or satisfaction) to the game, no matter devs really willing to listen to their voice.

It is a great way to blow off steam when you get frustrated.

I don’t think threatening devs will work. The company is ruled by professionals, they should have predicted some unhappy complaints against bad pulls. Rates are obvious and there is RNG fact.
I had only Noor as HotM this year. Last Valhalla gave 3 slow mana 4* heroes and no 5* over 38 pulls. Should i also complain and expect some gifts maybe? Devs, please send some fancy heroes to me, too., im seriously waiting.

I think players are not threatening devs, they just want to express their dissatisfaction.

Although devs usually not fix that issue even they’ve noted, because the decision is made by top management or boss who only care about business, they develop game is for money, which is very normal.

But a player (customer) who spent money on the game is still have right to express or comment the game, even their comments can be igored by never reply, or removed from Apps store / google play store customer rating.

If you are displeased with the game, there are multiple actions you as a player can do:

  1. Go and submit a negative review on respected app stores
  2. Stop spending and follow #nospend movement
  3. Reduce your gaming time, as gaming time is also used to boost their success to investors
  4. Warn new coming players about predatory mechanics in the game and save them from SG traps.

But instead of doing these, if you choose to only rant on internet than you’ll achieve nothing :slight_smile:


I don’t understand what is the point to let players buy 3000 event points and give 30 spins and not even 1 event heroe? What is this? Not even heroe of the month, there is 0 respect…

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Sadly, even if you were to do 100 pulls you’re only likely to pull 1 x legendary hero :sweat:.


Guvnor has a very nice breakdown of the odds in this thread:


the point is your money duh

I did that $30 Legend deal. Got Onatel, dupe Azlar, and bonus draw Glenda…along with 17-3’s and 11-4’s. Not bad.


Just did a 30 pull and got 6 5*s plus the usual 4&3 stars

And Glenda

Very happy with that

Very happy with that


That is the reason of #nospend

Another 40 pull made and not a single 5* hero… Really? Tavern of Legends??? More like tavern of mediocrity

Srsly improve the damn odds already, less than 1% chance for a 5* is a joke. Even 5% would be too little.

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I Dont think so…it is RNG

I constantly only get 3 and 4 stars from ToL’ s although it’s that old I just only do pulls every second coming using only free coins, wouldn’t spend a single cent on it as I don’t now anyone in my 2 alliances that has gotten a 5* from it yet…

I think the word REDICUOUS is way to mild a word to describe this summons portal.

IMO! Only an idiot (politely speaking) would spend money on that portal and 50 or so members in my alliances feel the same way.

Wouldn’t mind seeing a screenshot from your rewards list of the that result.

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