Summons are ridiculous

The odds are ludicrous while your gains are enormous. Sad to say that with such odds I’m going to play without purchases from now on. Maybe one day something will change but until then I’m out.

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How many pulls did the $400 get you?

Best deals typically get 100 gems per $1 so at 2600/10 pulls that would be 150 pulls give or take? Odds of no legendary in 150 pulls, although low, are certainly not unheard of. There are posts here of players going 500 pulls or more with no 5*.

This game is not for the faint of wallet. Spend BIG or don’t spend at all.


Always a 50/50, either you get one or you do not. Stats and probability are not the same. Hope for the best, expect the worst. Not much else to really say really. The odds are labeled and no one to blame if what is received is not what one expected.

TL;DR - Risk in a nutshell.

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If you want some exact maths. If you did 100 pulls, and tried going for a ninja hero with 1% chance, there would be a 36.6% chance to not summon any legendary ninja at all. That’s quite high

Don’t gamble if you don’t like gambling


Yeah for sure not for the faint of the wallet. But I am done spending for a looooong time lol. Definetnly going to play but just regular now.

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I paid for 13 or more ****ing ninja summons in one ****ing day and I get all 3 and 4 star guys I already have!!! Im starting to get sick of paying for ■■■■ and I get nothing. This is a little ridiculous!

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TonyMontana, easy solution: don’t buy any. I guess you read the odds; there’s nothing unusual about your experience. I am by and large happy with RNG and the heroes it gives me, but i accept that there are months where I come up with nothing.

Are we playing the same game? We’re already there.

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I was wondering if someone could do me a favour. I was doing some more summons in the costume chamber and got 7 out of 8 3* and a 4*.
I wemt back to my inventory and I now have 5 out of 35 4* costumes and no 5*. That’s about 14%, while it is advertised it should be around 26,5%.
Could someone calculate the odds of this happening? I’m starting to think something is wrong here (this month marks the 2 years since I got my last and only special 5* Aegir, so I’m getting a bit sceptical).

I don’t consider the game to be really P2W. You could get a good roster without paying (and AFAIK, there are cases).

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True. My alliance leader has spent far less than me but his bench blisters mine…

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Someone somewhere always wins while other lose.

I have friends who are F2P and have great rosters.

Did it come fast? No.

And there lies the issue. We want the shiny heroes now and if you chase them then buyer beware. You know the odds, you are rolling dice and hoping to get lucky.

FOMO is a huge deal in this and the pressure to do pulls when your Alliance mates are landing the big fish is a real thing. I feel it too.

But with patience and clever farming you will land 5* heroes. Are you going to have the shiny roster of someone who drops hundreds a month? No. Will you have a roster you can use and enjoy the game with? Yes.

So ultimately as always if you choose to spend don’t regret the results if the odds proved true.


I’ve said it before. What you actually buy is time. You don’t get better chances, or confirmed heroes, or anything special that you couldn’t get for free (except the second worker, but again, the worker gives you time). You just have more tries in the same time.

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