Summons are ridiculous

I did not take a screen shot. I was just so surprised it went this way. This is not really a vent. Its just an observation.

You should be able to take a pic of recent activity though? Yes?

How? This was during the last Valhalla event. Do you somehow feel I am not being truthful? I am not having a fit, I am not threatening to leave the game. I am just telling you my experiences. I would not have posted this at all but some Alliance members encouraged me to.

On the contrary. This is the first incident I’ve heard of someone doing 50 summonses and not getting at least a 4* hero. I’m grateful you followed the advice of your alliance mates.

If it is a bug, screen shots are useful. And would be good to share with other players.

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As I said, I did not take a screen shot and it was in the last Valhalla event. I don’t know that this is a bug. It seems to me that it follows the rules for being random. I was just awful unlucky. I don’t think there is any type guarantee of a certain level after so many pulls.

There isn’t but the chances of that happening must be tiny. Sorry for your misfortune.

PS. Always take a screen shot: awful board, great board or dementented summons. It’s a good habit.

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