Summons are ridiculous

Then I would push Grimm down further, and certainly put V up higher. She is vastly underrated imo.

I’ve probably spent less than 1000 dollars in the last 18 months I’ve played, or right at that, and have 14 max 5 star and 5 sitting on the bench at 1/1. Half are tc20, easy. Run tc20.

Not as versatile as the others and that’s typically how i make my lists(although my lists really don’t hold much weight lol)

Kiril good in raids, wars, titans, world map, wizard trials

Sonya is good in raids, wars, titans, and pretty much a must have against rare tiger titans

Triton fast hitter, boosts kiril in 3/2 stacks of blue useful in raids and wars, titans for tile damage over sonya if titan isn’t red rare tiger

Grimm can be tossed into any war team and be an asset

Valeria is solid but i still wouldn’t put her above the heros above but maybe I’m nuts, at the end of the day it’s all subjective

145 pulls is only an 85% chance of getting the HOTM. So your chance of not getting a HOTM in 145 pulls is about the same as your chances of rolling a 1 on a 6-sided die.

If you bet $400 that you wouldn’t roll a 1 on a 6-sided die, and it came up 1, would you say that the person who gave you the die was cheating or a thief?


Interesting I dont use Sonya at all, not even in wars

Depends on the person

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Maybe don’t dice for cash with people you think are crooked? I mean, when I think someone might be cheating me, the LAST thing I’m likely to do is make another big bet with them…

But my point is people roll 1 on a 6-sided die all the time. Go down to Vegas, or to the family Yhatzee game. It’s as common as dirt. So it’s hardly a shocking event to roll one. And it’s certainly not evidence of a rigged game or some intrinsic unfairness.


Sorry - forgot the smiley.


That made me laugh hard enough to scare the cat :laughing:


Love fast mana for wars and tc heros are limited on fast mana 4*. Even 5* fast mana only has magni, sartana, joon, marjana, lianna, obakan(kadilen and elkanen don’t count, mismarked 3*)

The dispel is solid too though. More and more buffers coming out

I usually go for the overwrite rather than dispel, and for reposte I like passive dispeller…but I hear you.

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Yes I agree, they are getting VERY greedy with finding more ways to get money and give us junk heros for all the money we spend.

This comment is disrespectful and hateful. If you can not add to the conversation without disrespecting other players and their comments then you need to keep your hateful disrespectful comments to yourself. We are here for a discussion on the unfair summons not ridicule other players.

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Man this is so funny … laughing loud :smiley:


??? What makes you think that luck cares about equality???


Lol don’t make ridiculous comments and you won’t get ridiculed

“Devs are making me suck at raids because i complained about summons” is absolutely ridiculous


You have your opinion, i respect that. What’s wrong with leveling what you have and moving at a slower pace? I spent a little and sure wasn’t happy when I did a 10 pull Atlantis and got 10 3stars, but why be angry and think this is intentional. I’ve decided to quit spending and find something to be good at, l really love the challenge quests, I’m around 100000ths in cups but managed to be in the top3000 rare and 25000 epic, trying to improve that teams I need for that. Happy to be somewhere in the middle and don’t look up to the Topstars. It’s also fun to figure out a good defense or raid team with what you have, trying to be smart is for free. Don’t need the best of the best heroes, always nice to beat a classic guin-team with some tricky ones. I’m no native speaker, sorry if some lines don’t make sense. ps: don’t wanna put oil in the fire, but when I started I got red hood from one summon, still smiling when I just see her and her foxes, that’s part of the fun I have, artwork and tricky skills to build around🦊


Don’t invest in hero pulls, buy offers including AM, trainers, loot tickets, WE, VIP, roster mods and summon only sometimes.

There you know what you get and your level of frustration will dramatically decrease.

Play with 3* and 4* till your base is 20 and later on run tc20 to upgrade your roster.

I think that’s the way to go…
Pay small amounts and grind slowly to the top :wink:


PATIENCE is the key

If people rolled everything they wanted they would complain about not having the ascension materials or enough food to level them

I can agree I would love better odds but what’s wrong with trying with what you have (wishing everyone good luck)

This is a GRIND game and if you are impatient you are going to do one of these

a. Spend alot of money
b. Complain Alot

12 pulls for me 3 4* (Kashhrek, Agwe, & Hu Tao) and 9 3* wanted a good 4* like Grimm, Sonya, Kiril, or Triton but didn’t happen will start my upgrade to TC 15 at some point today hoping to get some good characters when I get to TC 20


Well , no one likes a “sniveler”. The odds are the odds and it’s posted. So, to go on about lucky or the most “unlucky ever” is ridiculous. I have found a drop rate of slightly better odds when it comes to 5* then is posted. I like that it’s tough to get drops it keeps it interesting… if it was easy we’d all be bored after a month.


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