Summons are ridiculous

I find it interesting that the most COMMON word used to describe the game’s allure is “addictive” in many of the testimonials. I do NOT think this is an accident, but a built in feature of the game. For many people gambling can be a lifelong addiction. That this game uses aspects of gambling and involves youngsters, it should be considered a serious matter as most states would have serious objections to 12 year olds
frequenting casinos.

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If you haven’t watched Anchor’s video I posted I strongly suggest you do so. He is one of the most respected and knowledgeable players in this game and he finally reached the breaking point with SGG and called it quits. Very insightful.

After playing a lot of online games of all kinds, this really seem like a one time thing.

We got a good idea and milk it like no tomorrow Company.

As anchor said, this is a game you cannot cash out from (sell your account) to get some of the money spent, so i believe just spend what you are ok to depart for ever for the time spent on.

Also i am a competitive guy, but the only thing you can compete with others is luck, absolutely no skill is required even with the boards.

I am in an alliance with good people with about same mentality and we try just to enjoy it as much as possible

I completely agree. But, as opposed to what game? None of the major titles I’m aware of permit account transfer.

If that’s the case, how do you explain the dramatically different win rates between different players?

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I’ve said this same thing for a long time. No matter how much strategy you employ, how good your heroes are, how bad theirs are, etc it all comes down to the luck of the board. I have beaten teams as much 1000 team power higher than me and lost to teams 1000 team power lower, all due to the boards. That’s why I laugh when folks say attackers have the advantage, the true advantage lies solely with the boards.

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Of course individual boards may be instant-wins, or unwinnable. But those are a relatively small percentage of all boards. How do you perform the other 90+% of the time?

The effects of skill are evident in performance over time, not in single raids or single war fights.

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Pokémon GO

In Pokémon GO, except for shiny, and legendary Pokémon ( think HotM and 5* heroes), I could sell / trade / give away free - all my top tier attackers, including some legacy attacks, to another person in a few days ( think 4* heroes, limit 100 trades per day ).

Granted most people who need them would be mid tier players so we would need to be best friends in the game ( 90 days helping each other ).

But some of my teammates have quit Empires and other teammates could use their 4* heroes.

Physical Cards

I also broke even on my magic cards.

It helped that I was able to trade high value cards I did not need for high value cards I wanted.

Plus $300 USD sale of a “beat to heck Black Lotus” helped the total. I loved that card.

Click for quote


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I raid at about 50% and it’s all the luck of the board. Perfect example I just fought a team I should have easily beaten and lost back to back without getting a single hero charged and without killing a single hero. I was fighting with maxed Vivica as well as maxed and class leveled Mother North and couldn’t get a single yellow or green combination until they were both knocked out of the fight. Then yellow and green filled the board. I made two green diamonds and a yellow diamond in 4 moves after they were knocked out. Did that have anything to do with skill or strategy? This is the norm for boards not the exception.

The average win rate for players in Diamond is around 65%. My win rate is over 80%, and I’m far from the strongest player around. Some people are over 90%. If you’re only winning 50% of your fights, the problem is highly unlikely to be just with the boards.

On what basis are you judging that you should easily have beaten them?

What elements of their team selection and layout were particularly exploitable? What was your strategy for exploiting their weaknesses?

Without seeing the board, it’s hard to comment on whether the problem was a lack of tiles poor tile play, or a combination of the two.


Bringing two slow healers to a fight is a very dicey decision. You need at least 12 tiles in one of your colors before you can get a heal off and that’s a lot of tiles. And you’re sacrificing tile damage to do it.

There’s a reason the META (Most Effective Tactic Available) is fast heroes. Slow heroes need to be selected with caution, in context of the whole raid picture.

While I don’t know your roster or the defense you were facing, I would almost certainly not have chosen to bring two slow healers. I do usually fight with two healers (or one plus a half-healer), but it’s two Average mana heroes. And they’re usually–but not always–4* healers.

Winning a fight starts with roster building, and continues through team selection. Card Power means relatively little here. My average attack team is below 3700 TP, and yet I routinely (>80% of the time) beat teams over 4100 TP.


From my experience/guess depending of the number of strong heroes you have you move to higher cups and then remain there. For example i have good enough heroes to remain at 2600 with little to none effort. Can stay there by rainbow fighting. If i lose my raids i’ll get some def victories, if i win more then i’ll get def loses. No matter what i’ll wake up to the 22-23 loses on stronghold and at 2500-2600 cups.

If i dare to go above that then a short break later back where i am placed by the game :).

The win rate of your raids are completely irrelevant in anyway on the game, other than getting the 5 recruits and filling the raid chest.
But also the raid chest you will have to use standard flags, for me and most of my alliance is 10 raids for a chest. Our top guy trying to break that cycle with all imaginable ways (cups drop, rerolls etc) but only way to do that is by fleeing some raids before trying to fill the chest, which makes no sense to do.

My point is that part of the game is rigged, why not to expect that from the summoning “randomness”. As per another thread (about customer specific offers) it is very clear they are monitoring gaming patterns, so makes no sence to give a hero to a player that will spend thousands to get him, on the other side instead of offers give a hotm to a f2p to lure him in, and he will mention that to his alliance to make the p2w player to cash in to get him too.

I would do that and i am guessing they have smarter people than me working on that.

None of that explains the difference in performance between players.

You’ve asserted that win rate is “irrelevant” to the game. Do you mean there’s no mechanical advantage? It’s certainly relevant to the players, after all. Those who frequently lose often complain about it on the forum, so it clearly matters.

BFD wins 50% of his raids. Do you win 50% of yours? If everyone is purely dependent on the boards, and the boards are rigged to control the outcome, our win rates should all be at the same 50% BFD has, right?

For most of your alliance? If your theory is that the system is rigged, what’s happening to the people who aren’t at 10? You’ve argued for a process that’s very tightly controlled, and yet you seem to be sweeping counter-instances under the rug.

Do you suppose BFD fills his chests in exactly 10 flags? If not, why not?

Also, how do you explain the fact that my watchtower was at 30 wins and 20 losses when you randomly asked me to check it, and that even so, I demonstrably won the next two fights?

Your theory is that the raids are rigged. How does your theory account for this counter-instance data?

My count actually went up, to 31-19 with those two wins, since 1 win and 1 loss rolled off the bottom.

Just in case there might be any questions, I screenshotted my whole watchtower last night when I checked it. I’m happy to upload all the pics if you doubt that I added things up correctly. The pics of the last two wins going into the watchtower that I uploaded are exactly in sequence, so you’ll be able to see that the last two fights really added on to the previous list when I said they did.

How are you figuring your percentage? Are you taking just your raids or are you counting enemy attacks as well?

Just my offensive raids. I’m not playing my defense, so the amount of my skill involved there is pretty limited.

Please advise what is the advantage of the win/loss rate? People complain because when the game thinks you must lose, you will lose even from 3* heroes. In some cases it may be wrong but in many cases it is not. When its time to lose you know it as the crits of the opponent increase, the def is attacking one hero with full or higher mana all the time until dead, will get an unwanted set of tiles to fill an opponent etc.

Have not checked but i must win 80% since we have the same cups

This could probably be Dependant on the maxed 5* heroes. For example if you have 30 maxed 5* you will have different numbers than a guy of 5 maxed heroes. That could explain that difference. When i had my 4* team i filled it in 12-13 raids

I am sure you are up for a loss streak. I’ve gotten up to 17 loses and after came the balancing gods of boards to send me where i belong.
No need to upload anything i trust your writing :slight_smile:

The fact is that this game is not gamer friendly. We can see that even from the reward for canceling an event, the very little rewards there are even for begginers etc. Get a we flask and go on.

If the mentality of the maker is such as to make extreme offers to specific players etc, then you judge them by their actions. From this kind of company you expect profit above all.

I don’t blame them as most of us would do the same. Maximize profit is the goal and in order to do that you will invoke randomness, luck etc.

For example. Lets say that they set it like below:
We will give 1500 ranvir
500 for those who spend above 1000usd
300 for those that spend 200-1000usd
600 for those that spend up to 200usd
100 for the f2p.

Then it is actually random and luck if you get the hotm. But that process is rigged nevertheless.
So in that scenario we are both right.

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So, rather than believing that you’ve found an equilibrium point based on your skill and roster–which the randomness of the boards combined with the fairly random behavior of the AI causes you to fluctuate around–you invoke the theory of designers controlling things behind the scenes. Why is that a more compelling theory to you than that the process is random?

And before you say “well, I see the system force me to lose,” I’ll point out that humans also “see” faces on Mars, and “hear” voices in the static when televisions and radios are de-tuned.

Are you at all concerned about the possibility of confirmation bias–whereby people pay attention to data that agrees with a hypothesis, and ignore data that disagrees with it? It’s a well-documented phenomenon:

Indeed, this conversation is quite interesting, because every time you set a test that gets invalidated, you move the goalposts to protect your core theory.

We started with:

So you said you got exactly 27 wins and 23 losses, and asked me to report on my watchtower statistics to test your theory. Your theory was one of very tight control by the algorithms. You thought your very next raids would be losses.

The answer from my watchtower came back meaningfully different than your theory, at 30-20, so you moved to this prediction (emphasis added):

“If that hypothesis stands any merit.”

It didn’t as it turns out, because I won the next two raids. My opponents were markedly stronger than I was, so it would have been easy for an intentional algorithm to make me lose. But I didn’t lose. I won, twice. And this pushed the tower even farther from the theoretical 27-23 target.

Rather than accept that the hypothesis didn’t have any merit, instead, you’ve moved to:

So now, some time in the indefinite but near future, I’m going to lose a few in a row in order to restore balance.

Well, that’s almost certainly true–if the system is random. It would be very reasonable to expect that I’ll get a few bad boards in a row at some point in the next day or two in a properly random system. And I don’t take on easy fights, so a crap board can be really tough. I’m sure I will lose a few in a row at some point.

But you see how you keep having to move the line and relax the requirements of the test? If this theory of a rigged game were sound, you wouldn’t need to.

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Selling is against the TOS. You might get away with it, but it’s not officially allowed:

5.3 Trading

Certain Apps permit Account holders to capture and trade virtual items, including but not limited characters or other items (" Trading Items "), during gameplay. Unlike Virtual Money and Virtual Goods, Trading Items are obtained at no additional charge during gameplay. Trading Items are a category of Content, and you acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights in or to Trading Items and that Trading Items do not have monetary value. Trading Items may be traded with other Account holders for other Trading Items, but Trading Items can never be sold, transferred, or exchanged for Virtual Money, Virtual Goods, “real” goods, “real” money, or “real” services, or any other consideration from us or anyone else.


Yeah that is exactly the same as believing a gambling company adjusting the odds to her favor.
(Fyi, some crazy people also believe that governments are watching us :slight_smile:)

Thats my point. You shouldn’t expect the losses from random. Random is random. Now it is 100% sure that you are going on a losing streak fighting the same opponents, its predetermined.

I can post 3 screen-shots and ask you that question too, don’t you think?

As we do not know exactly what they are doing, and of course i could be very well be wrong here.
From my side of things pseudo-random is the way to go in an uncontrolled online casino, with the proper marketing.

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Just added mine up and appears I’m doing much better than I thought. Watchtower total is 29 wins- 21 losses. My raids are 19 wins- 5 losses. I don’t fair so well when raided at 10 wins - 16 losses.

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if not much trouble please tell us after a few games that number and your def TP.
I am where I was last night. 2630 cups 28-22 :slight_smile:

So why exactly do you play?

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