Summons are ridiculous

Not about silencing at all but more about trying to reduce the frustration side of it by explaining different ways at looking at the game so it can be enjoyed instead.


This has been very entertaining, this is my take on all this.
1 it is a game. Most game cost money, even solitaire, you need a deck of card, or the supplies to make one.
2 how much you spend is up to you.
3 what you get in return is the means to play and enjoy the said game.

Personally i don’t spend a lot, maybe, 20$ Us. a month. I summon once or twice a week, dont expect much, rarely disappointed, did get some good heroes, most of the others are gone.
I call myself C4F( cheap for fun ) all I’m asking from S.G. is to entertain me.
I love most aspect of this game,( except raids), so far they lived up to my expectations.
Granted I’m new (4 + months) easily amused, got some decents heroes that allow me to move forward.
Unlike some others players i don’t care about, cups, being top dog, having every single 5*s, i play with what I’ve got, having fun.
I’m spending less on this game than on any other entertainment.
What’s not to like.
Thank you, for reading my 2 cents.
Have fun.


It absolutely is fair, because everyone got exactly the same chance per pull to get the HOTM. That’s the definition of a fair game: everyone gets exactly the same chance per try at an outcome.

Would you argue that the lottery is not fair because you bought 200 tickets and didn’t win the jackpot, while someone else bought 1 ticket and did win?

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That’s exactly correct. The probability per pull is the same for everyone.


Here’s what i know, spending 13k on a game is INSANE and in my neck of the woods you can get a oz of marijuana for $200 a oz at the street price of $20 a gram. Do the math and anyone and i mean ■■■■ near ANYONE can flip that 13k into $36,400 with some spare green left to smoke yourself if you so choose. I call that the smart choice! :smiling_imp::kissing_heart::smiling_imp:


So you say this is not gambling but bring the lottery up sure it’s not gambling you said it not me buddy

My point is simply that having very different outcomes when chance is involved is not an unfair occurrence. And the lottery is the most familiar “game of chance” to most people.

Do you play role-playing games?

Your friend rolling a natural 20 on his first roll, while you don’t get any natural 20s in 50 rolls doesn’t make using dice to determine game outcomes unfair.

You buying a new Toyota that breaks down within the first 10,000 miles, while someone else gets a new Toyota that goes 100,000 miles without difficulty, doesn’t mean the dealership somehow targeted you for a lemon.

The person in front of you in traffic making it through a light while you get a yellow and have to stop doesn’t mean the traffic system is rigged.

Does that help?


Also, if you read my post explaining why it’s not gambling, you’ll see I pointed out that it’s because you NEVER, EVER get anything of value no matter how much you spend–only pixels.

Gambling suggests a chance to win something with actual value.


If this were a gambling establishment, I would be quite dissatisfied with how slow the free-drinks on the floor service is. I mean, sheesh, I’ve been here for eons now and not a single cocktail has appeared before me.


If SG is targeting us and deciding our pulls based on certain factors and one of them is if you spend a lot you won’t get HotM then why don’t you just stop spending and be the guy who gets the HotM off one or two EHT’s? Seems pretty straightforward if you really believe the outcomes are set up for us like that.

In fact you should probably feed your 5’s to Aife because they probably target a player without 5’s to get the HotM so they get addicted and spend more trying to re-capture that feeling. Typical drug dealing behavior, the first rounds free (almost!) Then once you’re hooked they cut you off so you start spending more to get that feeling again!

Oh wait, it’s just RNG.

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I am new at the forum but here are my 2 cents.

After one and a half year of C2P i believe that there is a “selective randomness” in this game.
For example look at your loses at raids at any given moment will be 22-23. This is a fact that can be abused easily, and i do it regularly. drop your loses to 26 and next game the tiles will win by themselves.

For sure there will be similar patterns to all aspects of the game.
For AM there seem to be periods that you get and some periods that there is a dry spell and get nothing. I got 6 AM in one day so don’t expect anything to drop for some time.

The probabilities of getting 4x same 4* in a 10 pull are astronomical and yet it happens more often than would be statistically accepted.

Don’t get me wrong. I like this game and i treat the money i spent as leaving tip on a restaurant for a good service.

But cannot refuse that there are patterns, that i believe are necessary to keep some balance.

The more important thing for me is not to get broken heroes that their absence cause imbalance, but yet again they got to hit the whales.

Overall its a nice game and my advise is not to spend any money that you will miss. Consider your money spent like throwing them in a wishing well…

Have Zero left the game? Where is this video your talking about?

Cheers all and have a great day!

First off, I don’t recall seeing anywhere that the object of the game is to get all (or some, or one) HOTM. This is a match-3 game with adventure and battle elements tacked on top. Yes, there is the option to try to collect all the shiny new heroes. Yes, there is the option to battle through the story levels. Yes, there are options to build up a top squad and join an alliance for titans and wars. But ultimately this is a match-3 game. Like Bejeweled.

What drew me to this particular match-3 game was the added element of the adventure story and the lack of saccharine that you get in candy crush and its copycats. I don’t even take sugar in my coffee (not even espresso), so why would I want that much in my mobile game? Ugh.

Yes, you can get all caught up in the excitement of the hunt for the HOTM’s. Yes, you can spend thousands or more on that pursuit. Ultimately, though, WHY?

I think the top players are leaving for one simple reason. They’ve been playing the game for years and have reached a point where they are stalled. They can only hit so many 11* titans before it becomes routine. They can only get to #1 so many times before it becomes monotonous. They can only fight AW against the other top alliances so many times before familiarity breeds contempt. The only excitement left is the new HOTM. The odds being so stacked against you getting one — the game is no longer fun. At that point, why play at all? I think that is part of the nature of the game, it;s a long (and fun) grind but there is an end point where the excitement of playing is gone. When you reach that point, you leave.

Try not to leave at that point full of regret for the money you wasted here.

6 Likes Anchor left the game.

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Anchor and Zero aint the same person. But I suspected Scottle meant Anchor since he mentions the long video. Cant imagine @Xero786 doing a 4h long video explaining why he left :smile:.


What is the probability of occurrence, and how many times does it happen in what number of attempts? What statistical acceptance test are you using, at what confidence level?

This game is all about getting the new shiny HOTM’s. It’s written there in the app info:

Collect - Summon hundreds of powerful heroes an troops!

You decided to not go that particular path but other people still spend a lot of money in the game. Why? Simple, because not everybody enjoys the game the same way. Not everybody plays the game to just move tiles like in Candy Crush.

There are many elements of competitiveness that the devs added in E&P on purpose. Alliance Wars, high level titans, tourneys, getting ascension mats. All those elements require having a team of decent heroes to advance further in the game. The shortest way to become competitive is getting powerful heroes and buying ascension materials to max them. That’s where most of the game’s money comes from.

It baffles me that here in the forums angry spenders who didn’t get a thing are told it’s their fault they spent so much money in this game. They don’t hear that from the game devs, they get told by other players like them!

It’s like going to a casino where everybody acts as a bouncer of that place. It makes no sense to me, lol.

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Whose fault is it, then, that they chose to spend that much money?

I’m not trying to put the blame on anyone. I’m saying we’re all regular players here. It shouldn’t be our job to defend the game to the death. It’s not our job to face those angry customers’ complaints, is it? At least I wouldn’t do that for free. SG staff should take care of those complaints.

And sometimes fault goes both ways, no?

This forum is for players to talk to other players. SG is here, and reads. But the space is basically for us. And most of us are here because we enjoy the game.

The summoning probabilities are abysmal. Especially for the price. But they’re published, and there’s lots of information out there to help people make informed decisions about balancing cost and chance of success.

So listening to the never-ending litany of angry complaints by people who got outcomes that are not pleasing, but are also not surprising, gets old. Really, really old. Especially when it’s accompanied by the conspiracy theory du jour.

Try a little experiment: go on a football fan’s website, and post about how much you hate all the noise from the people screaming in the stadium, and see how much support you get. Or complain about how unfair it is that the game start times are always when you’re working. Or about how much they charge for tickets just to watch a bunch of grown men to run around a field and kick a ball.


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