Summons are ridiculous

Да что вы знаете о призывах?? Вам нравится это??

Would be really appreciated if you could share your resources to me. I checked a couple of articles and all of them contained a similar content like all people should be treated the same way with the same chances.

No matter how hard I tried , I really could not find any declaration saying that it would be fair if someone who spent a decent amount of money has to be treated better.

BTW, it took me 4 pulls to get:

So by your reasoning if I spend $2,000,000.00 on a house then it would be fair for someone that spends $200,00.00 to be able to get the exact same house. How does that make sense? Taking from the ones who actually spend money to pay their salaries and keep the game afloat and giving to those that don’t spend is bad business practice. Eventually those that spend money will grow weary of seeing folks that don’t spend getting better results and will in fact stop spending themselves. That is exactly the case with me. I grew tired of throwing good money away to get the same tired season 1 - 3* feeders in every summons with the occasional season 1 - 4* feeder and the ever so rare season 1 - 5*. I was seeing folks not spending pulling event 5* on free tokens when I was pulling 300-400 times per event with no event 5* and 1 or 2 season 1 - 5*. Since I stopped spending I am much happier with the hame and actually have better results with my pulls than when I was spending.

No that’s not how it works. A better analogy would be you are buying scratch cards at $200 to win a house.

If money is no object I could buy 10,000 tickets and you could buy 1 ticket.

The law of averages say I have a better chance to win the house BUT you can still win it with your 1 ticket

Of course both of us might not win it and that means you are out of pocket $200 and I’m out $2,000,000

What the house is actually worth is a different matter but it could be worth $200,000 or $20,000,000. It doesn’t really matter as one assumes if you are trying to win you want it in the first place.

You want Seshet from Tavern of Legends and you have infinite money well eventually you will get her. Whether she’s worth whatever is spent is up to you.

The issue is the odds are published, you know your chances and they aren’t in your favour. Which doesn’t mean you won’t get lucky from time to time but the person with a trust fund from Daddy is going to get what they want more than someone who is playing for free. Which is sadly a reflection of real life to some degree and envy of the rich will always be a thing.


That’s a good analogy. The reason I stopped spending the first time was I pulled over 550 getting my third Viv and Obakan. Only 2 - 5* in over 550 pulls should not happen. I stopped spending for almost a year then started By buying the small offers. Now I’m back to not spending except POV, VIP and the occasional give your alliance mates gems deal. I will not go back to spending like I was at first. There have been many great suggestions in this thread that have fallen on deaf ears. If anything SG has gone the opposite direction. Lots of folks are upset about this and have stopped spending or stopped playing all together. I won’t stop playing because I love the social interaction with my alliance teammates. That is the in fact the best part of this game.

Exactly, thank you very much for this!

A very helpful thread to get an overview how much it could take to receive the 5* you really want is this one:

It is importent to understand how the odds are working to avoid misunderstandings and too ambitious expectations.

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Hi guy’s ,it’s the same with me and some of my Alliance team mates we work hard in collecting the gems and trying to spend some money to get our gems added up so we can get theses good hero’s on the summons .But when we do finally are able to pick a simmon to get the hero’s it gives us some of the lower hero’s that we already have and not a legend hero that we try and get.I know it saids it’s a chance but it kinda bites to get a 3* hero when your trying for a 5* hero ,I know that is taking a chance but when you spend 600 gems on a summon and get that lower hero kinda bites .It takes a lot of us to get that many gems and a lot of us spend money on this game .I know there’s more that have really spent more but we all work hard for a dollar and to spend it on a game that it’s hard to get a good hero it kinda bites ,mainly when you have done it several times and it keeps happening.When it shows theses legend hero’s we should get theses legend hero’s . It’s crazy when we collect and spend money on gems and end up with nothing it bites.I love this game and have been playing for a while now and it would be great to get something that you really want for a change instead of getting cheated out of something. This issue needs to be fixed for your players that really care about this game .please thank about the ones that really put there hard earn heart and money in the game .Will continue to play but not sure about putting anymore money into it for us ,the ones that play and care about the game .Thanks

You aren’t being cheated.

Understanding the odds and then not getting something isn’t cheating…

Sorry you and your alliance are feeling this way but this is fundamentally how the game summons work. You roll the dice and you take you chances. Sometimes it rolls great, often it doesn’t.


how can sg justify their pull system???
I hv done atlead 250pulls this month and yet to receive a single 5 star hero…

I’m at over 300 pulls with no Hotm, but that’s since april 2019. I did get some 5*, but not a whole lot. I’m not a person who complains, but it feels like devs owe me some hotms; but you have to deal with the fact that the pulling system is in fact a lottery and it’s you who tries your luck and buy those gems. you might get a hotm or a 5* from single pull, you might get no 5* from over 200 or even 300 pulls. Better not spend too much money in my opiniion.

Edit : this was a reply to post above me ^

Try using my Summon Simulator to guide yourselves through the odds and best portal options:

Given all these ridiculous golden coin summons, the game is extremely stingy when giving you a lousy silver token every time you level up, especially in high levels that levelling up takes a month or more! These people are complete misers!


Do you really believe in those percentages? It is so obvious that they are fake. There is some other algorithm that determines the summons.


This is all a hoax. At first I spent a lot of money. Received quite good heroes 5*.Then I started spending less money. I started getting less heroes and items. I didn’t spend it at all. Even tokens and 4items stopped falling.Conclude. In addition, when you spent a lot of money, the chances gradually decreased. It got to the point that the event hero 5 pulled for 168 calls, without catching any 5*before.(After that, I understood all about the algorithms of this game. I won’t spend another cent. I wish everyone to think the

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I think you’re doing a mistake.
There is a little chance to get 5* heroes (less than 4%) and to get a special hero (not from season 1 that we can get from TC20) is much less. Also, the chance to get Epic ascension item is really low.
Those fact get us to spend much less. We don’t have the incentive to get new 5* heroes and we don’t need new ones because we haven’t developed the ones we have.
I know I spend a lot less this month.

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The same here bro, 4* ascension mats have low chance. I spend less this month too. The game need to change chances for mats.

In order to get more ascension materials (including 4* ones), you have to push your limits. You have to fight bigger titans, be active in wars, complete as many events as possible, never miss a rare quest.


I do so and can develop a 5* hero once in a 3 months at best. most of the chests and titan doesn’t provide 4* item (most of the time not even 3* )
It still don’t solve the chance to get 5* hero.
My claim is for spending money on the heroes casino. there is a very little chance to get 5* hero, and we don’t need too much, because it take years to develop all of them.
So, If SG wants my money, they’ll have to increase the odds


If you want to spend money buy V.I.P. and maybe PoV. if you get to the 4* mats.

If you want to spend more wait for the super deals that come along with events, Atlantis and Valhalla.

Keep your EHT’s for the seasonal events. If you get 2.6k gems together do a 10 pull at a challenge event where you dont have the good 4* heros yet or at Atlantis if you dont have Proteus and Wilbur yet.

Wish all of you best of luck with your future summons! :smile:

Do you all works at SG? I was in 4-5 alliances and all the players complain about the pulls policy and odds. don’t you want to make more money?


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