Summons are ridiculous - Summons MASTER

There are many, many threads on this already. Add your voice to one of the existing threads rather than creating yet another.

This has been an issue among players ever since game was released.

… and so on …

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I feel your pain and frustration but unfortunately, this is just how this game works. Spending money will give you more pulls but it does not increase your chance of pulling good heroes. Each pull is totally random.

My suggestion is to cut back on your spending, or even become a free-to-play players.


Pulls are independant. You get the same lousy 1% chance of landing a 5* hero every time you pull, whether you pull once or a thousand times. Which means you can, and some people will, do 1,000 pulls in a row without landing a single 5*. And before you start calling SGG thieves, what they sold you is gems, not heroes… try F2P. :grinning:

Summons can occasionally be really nice too. The last 3 Recruits II tokens have yielded 2 x 4* mana troops. Just now my first and most seriously wished for 4* yellow mana troop.


Surely that’s beyond the ridiculous :sweat_smile:


Villains summons sucks the sweat off a dead man’s nuts.

11 pulls. 3 garbage trainers, 3 season 1 4* junk, 5 season 1 3* junk. Zero event cards.

Devs - sod off.

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From my last 150 Summons across multiple events, to include Season 2, costume, hero tokens during spring hero’s and the current Season 4 I’ve used close to 150 summons without 1 5*, not even the monthly hero. That’s not remotely fair even with the low percentage rate on 5* hero’s. I’ve been playing for a very long time and I love the game but this type of 5* hero drought should never be allowed.

Tough luck, and game design issue, but not a bug…1% chance on average means some people will have it a lot worse

Hello at The moment i got The glory off atlantis. When i buy an offer ,like 300 atlantis Stones and Pay For it,The only Heroes what i get is 99,9% crap from session 1. And this IS with whatever offer . Why not Gif The different Heroes from The offer.i know sg is on it For The money but i think that players would buy More if The get what They Pay for

$400+ over the last 4 months and not a single event / non S1 or HotM to show for it. I’m back to F2P and SGG can go soak someone else for cash, I’m done feeding their greed.

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Even whit the video they, make fan of you : that it is random. TO Be ashamed!!! 10 - 3 star :frowning: always 3 stars, no Mooney no fanny.

oh, another mimimi-post…

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I agree. Whether you pay for them or get them for free they end up fodder because they are low 3 stars :thinking:

And they will do it))

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