Summons are ridiculous - Summons MASTER

So here’s an example of that:

Earlier in the tournament I did a 10-pull (this was before my horrible pull I posted earlier). I got Marcel, and was happy to get an event hero, but 5 of my summons were trainer heroes.

Some people will be happy with this because they need/want trainer heroes to help level their roster, and that’s great. I was more disappointed than anything else because I don’t need trainer heroes (I have about 60 of them in HA with more on the way) and because I have more fun leveling, or at least deciding to level, other heroes :grin:

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I really hate SG sometimes. Actually I really hate SG all the time. Zero regard for play QOL.


Apparently we need to put this out in the open once again.
As long as you keep paying for nothing, nothing is what you are going to get for your money.

Trainer heroes are just a different form of nothing. They are arguably a better nothing, but they are very very far from enough.

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Hi E/P Players
yes i know the odd’s. I Have been playing this game for almost 4 years. so yes i know.
So yes Me being Me i invested in the 3000 gems and the 10 pull AND I Got 1 4* event hero.
That is 41 Pulls . And 1 event hero.

The point I’m making is. if I wanted 40 Season 1 Hero’s or trainers i wound have used my gold tokens.
or used my gems at the normal portal . And my HA .

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Last time I tried 200 pulls for Season 3 and got 4 regular 5*. This is crazy, You need to take regular 5* out of the portal. Starfall Circus 170 pulls, got one 5* event. The game make the player more upset and frustrate. Good for you SG!


I did 62 pulls for the circus event. Didn’t get a single 5* not even the hotm. Really very heart breaking.

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And what do you do when you want more copies of Carver?

good nlite
Everyone knows how many summons are needed to get a legendary hero
or the game is programmed to steal in the face.
It’s already been more than 3.months
several summons only epic and rare
I actually feel like I’ve been robbed the way it’s happening on my account.
can someone explain to me why this is
why don’t i catch legendary heroes
how far is this for those who program not feel ashamed ???

I have bad news: with declared odds of getting a 5* hero you may need more than 100 summons to get one. It is random, so you may get a 5* in first 10 summons or, on the other side of luck, you may not get any even after 200 summons.


clowning in 3 months already passed 400 calls
And you say x and 200 I would be happy if out of 200 I got a good hero

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Actually, it could be worse.
Once I published the results of a summon simulation.

@RCS its simple, just hold your pulls, wait for the right moment, say u get a 3 star hero/troop from the free summon, and then go for those coin pulls and 10 pulls… i can guarantee you to 90% for 5*, atleast the HOTM if not… and on the other side, do some russian/ polish pulls occassionally!..

The prerequisite of all the above would be :NO EXPECTATION: lol…njoy

50 pulls on Season 4 summons. No 5*. Last money spent today on summons. Odds keep getting worse.


Yes, but this isn’t a casino, it’s a video game. They should advertise this as a gambling game then.

You use to spend $50 and get a game with all its content and spend 100 of hours plays.

Now the new system is this BS.

If they increase legendary odds to 5% no one would die over it. It is our hard earned money versus their greed.


That’s nothing I think that’s BS because first of all if you spending money and dropping 10 15 20 pulls you get a bunch of three stars 4 if you lucky it sucks and it’s not about privilege it’s about spending your money and at least getting some decent one or two out of 20 come on now

The way I understand it, buying gems only gives you more opportunity to summon. The more money you have used in buying gems for the purpose of using bought gems for summoning, the more chances of you getting the desired hero compared to those F2Ps and C2Ps who can only summon a few times. But if you check the summoning odds in any portal, getting a 5* hero has less than 5% odds. In essence, your money only gives you more chances to summon. It doesn’t mean that you automatically get the hero being chased. If you fail to understand that or does not want to come to terms with such probability, then nobody can help you on that. Best not to use real money just to get gems for summoning. Also best to hoard gems, coins, tokens and keys for summoning.


Since costume event popped up I have done lots of pulls but no 5*… Now I gave up!!! I will not pull any more…

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45 Pulls in Avalon - 1x Lancelot 7x Bauchan and S1 4* and 3* dupes…

That’s how you lose customers. This game is a joke and plain theft. Shame on SGG.


You are socially responsible for the actions of this game. Don’t come in here and expect to be given heroes left and right just because you spend money in this game. I spent almost 300 this month already to get nothing. This is a responsibility on my part and I do not blame the game at all, only myself.


@Tidyup did I say I was not?

Don’t be one dimensional. And assuming things.

Given heroes left and right? Look at the big picture and evaluate the game and situation as a whole.

It’s a fact that they have no shame and their business model completely revolves around several degrees of addiction and other human flaws. Companies need revenue and profit to be healthy, but that doesn’t mean they need to be greedy and completely discard ethics. It’s like they want to milk the cow as much as possible until their business practices need to change due to future legislation.

It doesn’t change the fact that if you do the math, with the average gem/coin cost and odds, a legendary hero is more expensive than some video games. It’s pornographic.

They keep deciding to ignore player feedback and beta testers, and follow only the practices that increase their revenue and not the ones that make the customer experience better.

It’s a fact that the odds and pull mechanics of this game are a joke. And I’m giving my feedback, they lost me as a customer because they prefer keeping whales instead of a healthier player base: more players spending responsibly AND having nice consistent results. Happier players.

How many players just keep playing because they already invested big amounts of time and/or cash? Voicing their concerns and discontent while SGG does nothing to evolve?

With the amount of new heroes and events, they need to change something. It shouldn’t allow things like one gettings 87% of their pulled Legendaries being S1 heroes in the sum of all Atlantis, Valhalla, Underwild and Challenge Events pulls. It’s not good game design that the RNG allows such bad results or dry spells.

I’ve had dozens of gaming experiences, many relying on RNG for game progression and loot, and I never seen such a poor (and predatory) system.

To finish, I’m not interested in starting a discussion about this. I left my feedback and it’s something I thought about for a long time. My recent results with Avalon were just the last nail in the coffin.
And I’ll do what I feel is most responsible, voting with my wallet and not buying even the “best” deals just to save my gems for this kind of result.

A nice weekend to all. Cheers


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