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This fool told me to wind my neck down, grab my knitting needles, and a warm cup of milk… and that is acceptable? Me responding by calling him a man baby isn’t?? Got it. SG you can go ahead and ■■■■ right off with that nonsense.

Yep, it was genderish. And cheap.
And you are probably right in more ways than the forum users are inclined to accept because, you know, it’s likely many are men.

But you see the problem right?
Those comments are pulled off to trigger you and if you lose it you are proving their point or, at the very least, reinforcing their behaviour.
Be superior. Be a woman :wink:

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Note that it says your comment was flagged by the community (not by the moderators or SG) - anyone could have done that, for example the poster you were responding to. Basically it means some random bod didn’t like it. Mods haven’t told you it has to go. FWIW I agree yours was an understandable response to that jibe. And what @Yhc said.

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What a ripoff I save just to get a good hero form the VALHALLASUMMOM and what you get for 30 heroes all 3 stars heroes this ■■■■ me off some body have to change that system I will never buy another hero again, now I understand why players is ■■■■ and leaving the game…

This not an idea nor a rant that i can jump on and motivate. But sorry for your loss.

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The bug of the calls of the circus, like the last valhala, is always in the center summon portal, the director zuri is the very first, and not any other hero. The issue of legendary heroes of the event is too low

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They should delete S1 heroes from event portal and (s2 ,s3 n s4 ).


Hi All E/P Players .

I Have enjoyed the circus event. and completed it. BUT The summoning is VERY bad. I Have done 21 circus pulls so far and guess what. ALL Off them were SEASON 1. I got 3 4* And all the rest 3* . So after 21 pulls i have still not got a circus hero.

Given the summon odds below, I’m curious how many you think you should have received from 21 pulls?

Well, if you check the other post of the circus, some guy has all the 5 star heroes and all fully lvld up. So unless,… Not joking either… Unless you have a million bucks where you can easily throw away about $17000.00 then you will have 3 stars to 5 stars hero’s galore,… Ish with feeders.
Pulls are not not bad, pulls are really not very bad either now, pulls are infact only catered to those handfull of players willing to spend a minimum of $300 upwards for maybe, just maybe a chance for something and $1000 upwards for maybe just maybe possibly 2 5stars ONLY just maybe and a 4 star 3star here and there ish.

You see, what I mean…, no offence to you Rich guy,congrats to you, but man, I could easily do with $17000.00 lol, and the other main point is that, well, this game has become incredibly stagnent and boring, I love this game but the money grab has killed it in so many ways.
It’s so unfortunate, I don’t know, but somehow I wonder if QOL will ever be delivered, cause if it ever does, this game will be so great again like it once was for myself any every type of player and paying player and I myself would start investing in it again, until then, :poop:

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So my idiot self, knowing the odds, decided to do a 10-pull to try for some event heroes:

I would say a little more than slightly disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.


This game is dying on the vine. After three years of playing I’m about finished with it. I slowed way down on summons recently and even when I do like this new ridiculous Starfall event it’s nothing but garbage S1 heros. S1 heros need to be removed from the portal. This game has lost me.


Meanwhile, on another thread, there are cries of rage that some of the s1 3* have been replaced by (deep breath) trainer heroes. Oh, the horror. Apparently a lot of people still need their regular supply of Dawas.


Nope, @Gorann , is not like that.

It’s that while S1 heroes are useful/necessary to a certain category of players, a fact some seasoned players recognize and others don’t, trainer heroes don’t solve anything¹ but dilute the amount of bad sentiment every portal/summon sends your way.

We don’t need beefier feeders, we need significant heroes to be more likely.

And if you make people happier to pay the same unreasonable amount of money for the same boatload of crap you are not solving the problem: you are deepening it.

¹ the problem is the ridiculously low chance to get good heroes, not getting a twist on the laughable odds


If there were even the slightest chance that summoning odds were going to be improved I’d agree with you, but we weren’t offered an either/or.

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And if we keep sending money to lame “solutions” we never will :wink:

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I think that comes under the heading of “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good”. I can tell you for sure I, for one, would not spend more money in a portal in hopes of receiving more trainers; it’s always about the event heroes. But to object to improving (from my perspective) the pool of trash is kind of shooting yourself in the foot. It’s “no, no, let me suffer, no improvements other than better 5* odds will do”. So then nothing changes at all. And I do think this move was positive and that positive moves should be encouraged.

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