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There isn’t a point, it’s a pipedream making you think decent roster collection is possible but it’s not

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Which is why you don’t play it any more, isn’t that right?



LOL. I bet you are still playing the game… secretly.

Search for Retirees or Retiree in the alliance search, there should be an alliance called E&P Retirees or smth like that. My account should be there with when I was last seen


I am not doubting that you retired from the game. I also have no problem with former players continuing to enjoy the community forum; some are still able to make constructive comments, others are just fun to have around. What does annoy the life out of me is people who, instead of finding another game that suits them better, make a crusade of telling other people why they shouldn’t play this one. It’s reminiscent of compulsive Facebook stalking of ex partners. It’s relentlessly negative and it impacts on my enjoyment of this otherwise very interesting and helpful site. Just… go and get a hobby that doesn’t involve relieving yourself on others’ fried potatoes, ok? :rage:

You and anyone are free to choose what they want to do. This includes listening to any comment and deciding accordingly what they want to do with the information

I saw someone suggest or ask whether the point of this game was to collect heroes; and I pointed out that the aim of the game contradicts the reality of what is actually achievable (given the number of heroes and the low odds)

You can choose to read into that however you wish, but what I’ve said is factual: the aim of the game (roster collection, particularly decent roster collection) is simply a pipedream for most on here.

If you think this is useless or negative information, then just ignore it.

I’m not going to stay quiet just because someone doesn’t like the truth


I do agree that warnings about the cost and success rate of chasing heroes are fair enough. New players in particular can be sucked in and spend far more than they ever meant to, and the silly thing is that even in the terms of what a mobile game can offer, they really don’t need to. So in that sense you, and other non-playing contributors, have useful advice to give in light of experience. Can’t argue with that and indeed I’d back you up.

It isn’t the truth though, although not untrue either, to be fair; it’s a viewpoint which depends on your definition of “decent roster”. I’d call mine decent at this point, although I have around 1/3 of the 5* currently available and less than 30 of those maxed, whereas if some players can’t make the top 10 in everything they compulsively reach for their wallets. So in that sense there is no objective truth in saying it’s not worth it, you’ll never get there, because “there” means different things to different people. What I take exception to is the excessively negative way of expressing that viewpoint. Even if I don’t agree and don’t take it on board, it’s depressing - and at my age I’m more resistant than many other readers will be.

I broke out on the rant above because it looks like so many ex-players are doing this nowadays. You’re by no means the worst at it though, so sorry you got both barrels when you’re probably only trying to save people from themselves. That’s another thing I’m old enough to have given up on - they’ll only go and blow a fortune on something else silly if that’s what they want to do…

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Although I’m mostly sympathetic with you, one question stands:

How do you talk not so negatively about the odds of pulling non vanilla legendaries if the odds are so remote?

I just can’t see a way to put it softer than

  1. unless you don’t spend several thousand dollars you can’t expect great results
  2. if those couple thousands can hurt your budget you’d better not spend at all as limited spending will lead to limited - only on a much greater order of magnitude - results

My 2c

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The odds of pulling non vanilla legendaries are indeed remote and both your points are non-arguable (you’re not even saying you won’t get them, you’re saying you can’t expect to, which is more than fair). The comment I objected to was in response to “And what’s the point of this game if not gathering heroes and improving roster for pvp?”, the answer being there is no point and collecting a decent roster is impossible. It’s by no means the worst comment though (even excluding the ones from people who’ve just blown the mortgage money on the latest shiny and come here to call SG all sorts of legally indefensible names - they’re just angry and deflecting what should be self-flagellation). Ex-players who have done their farewells and explained why the game isn’t working for them any more keep coming back to tell us all over again. If the game is done and dusted and they’ve moved on, well, move on! There’s more to life than games, but there’s a lot more to life than games that you don’t even play any more.

I realised after I’d posted my previous two comments on the subject that it’s worn me down over the years because it happens in every game I’ve ever played that has either in-game chat or an active forum. (The following mentions other games, but not direct rivals and not recommending them in preference to E&P, so I hope it’s acceptable.)

Rambling reminiscence

At least a decade ago I can remember hanging around outside the auction house in Orgrimmar, as you do, reading trade chat telling us how WoW is dying and we should be playing (something or other else) instead, and challenging those players as to why they too were hanging around in cities telling everyone why they should be playing something else, instead of playing that something else :confused: Players complain here about matchmaking, well they should try the Heroes of the Storm matchmaking, that’ll make you weep; and while you’re waiting for a team to assemble, chat is full of other players cussing it and telling you how much better another MOBA is. So why are you in HotS chat instead of playing that other one? No answer, or a stream of abuse. The answer is it’s probably not better at all, just has a different set of problems. I do believe some of them are not players at all but shills for the other publishers, but I know FrenziedEye and some others are genuine disaffected ex-players and he is probably one of those trying to help.

I dunno, @Gorann , maybe they are just trying to prevent others from making their same mistakes.

We can’t forget that even educated people have problems understanding E&P spending depth or dealing with gacha/lootboxes mechanics.

I always try to keep it fair when I discuss something and saying I don’t see gacha/lootboxes as inherently bittering for their players would not be keeping up to that standard.
Given that I consider bitter players and ex-players something perfectly normal, a natural consequence of the greater scheme.

Just like I understand players like you getting bored/annoyed at the ranting, I understand the ranters because both groups have their reasons. While we might assume that being delusional - to some extent - is a common trait it is unfair to assume, for either group, that it’s the only trait associated to the other.

Just remember that, like they can stop playing, you can stop reading them.
If it’s for your better enjoyment… why not? :wink:


I’ve just burned my 35 ETT, and here are the results:

  • Ninja troops: 0 (0% instead of 5%)
  • 4* troops: 2 (5,7% instead of 10%) - both Barbaric minotaurs, so practically useless to me.
  • 3* troops: 33 (94,3 % instead of 85%)

Thank you, SmallGiant, for this harmless reminder that I should never again throw any money in this ninja portal! :dancer::kissing_heart:


45 ett and i got 0 ninja troops, 3 4* troops and 42 useless 3* troops. thanks again sg. as slobix wrote above this is a good reminder to stop throwing money here in your “casino”.


Guess this time I was lucky then. I used 10 ETT. Results:

Ninja troops: 1 (10% instead of 5%)
4* troops: 3 (30% instead of 10%) - including a blue (my first - yaay)
3* troops: 6 (60% instead of 85%)

My luck to receive epic troops is much more appreciated than my luck pulling heroes (just 3 5* (S1), and 4 non S1 4* after two years of playing). One hand full - the other almost empty. This sound pretty much like E&P. But I am far away from complaining. Just reporting. I still enjoy the game.

I guess I got all the luck on the ninja troops and nowhere else. I used 25 ETTs.

Ninja troops: 3 (first green and 2 duplicate purples) - 12%
4* troops: 4 (got my 3rd blue mana that I wanted) - 16%
3* troops: 18 - 72%

All I need is a blue ninja troop and my collection is complete to have 3 mana, 1 ninja, 1 crit per color.

Probably explains why I haven’t been successful lately on HoTMs or S3/S4 pulls lately.

29 ETT
4* x1
3* x28
The only good thing is that the 4* was the red mana troop i was missing.
2 years f2p to complete rainbow set of mana, so no illusion saying ‘redcilous’ of E&P summon odds is HOLDING BACK!

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20 ETT, 4 ninja & 2 Crit.

That’s the thing with portal odds, there’s winners and losers and we’ve all been on both sides of that fence.

Simply don’t waste your time and money on this game (gambling) and it will be closed in future :slight_smile:

I doubt that. I had games played years before and they are still thriving now. Played Clash of Clans and Pokémon Go. Those are still up and running. I know. Just checked them recently. My favorite Youtubers there are still continuously uploading new contents daily.

If each of players will not pay for it - I am more than sure they will be closed. There are still a lot of addicted people in the world :slight_smile: They simply got their whales and live off them

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