Summons are ridiculous - Summons MASTER

Boy, would I take your Proteus.
When I pull my event horizon is 4* :roll_eyes:

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Season 2 isn’t really where I would spend money at this point. Season 4 heroes are just too strong to pass up. And because it’s new, you are much more likely to land something good

Same for me! I play since more than 2 years and I received only 3 5* from TC20. Summoning portals just don’t seem work for me. I find my joy in occasionally retrieving 4* heroes not from S1 (not even dreaming of 5*), which happens very very very rarely. I pulled S4 Tethukk recently and it really made my day. Challenge, seasonal or ninja heroes? I consider myself lucky to sometimes retrieve 3*. I am very happy that I am FTP. At least I don’t lose anything except of time in RL!

Well, actually it is not that bad. I just got used to it. From time to time SG suprises me with a new 4*. I still can find joy in the game. All this 5* running sport is too much for me anyway. I prefer to walk slowly :slightly_smiling_face:

I would actually be more happy about an increasing amount of diverse events to use all these 3* and 4* heroes.

…and I would be very happy about Proteus - this guy saves battle items in the challenge events :star_struck:

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