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I muddled through that part around the time JF was getting his hoopla started only to be completely forgotten about a month later when telluria dropped. The way that situation was handled was just not something I could swallow any longer and thus I joined the # nospend, and a year later have stuck to it. When you have limited free time, finding a game that tests your mind Ina fun familiar way seems easy but qith this micro transaction set up, one struggles with the time wasted/ money investment argument.

The more money you put into something you expect some form of return and with this game that just isn’t true, they made events take longer, P.O.V is just way to long and to much of a time sink for the reward scale. The events test your nerves because no matter what, the spenders are the ones at the top, every single time and the reward tiers again, do not make it worth the time and effort.

The fact that you been playing as long as you have and still think this game deserves a hundred bucks a month says enough.

I’ve been playing this game for over 1 & half year … contributjed lot of man hours & money into this game ! Even invited over 20 people to join me in this game …we have a gaming community over here …but I’m getting frustrated over the drops I’ve been getting. Over 6 months I’ve not pulled a legendary or good drops. I’ve done 10x pulls twice & even pulled from TC 20 BUT against all odds I’ve not got any good heroes or drops… please check my account…and do the needful .I will be obliged…

Legendary hero are rare by design and receiving one from TC 20 there is a 5% chance of receiving a 5 star hero.

It’s hard to accept, but what you have experienced is not extraordinary; 5* cards are incredibly difficult to get.

Players have waited far, far longer than 6 months to get one. :frowning:

Edit: also welcome to the forum @Malayastargazer and @AchievableRush3 :slightly_smiling_face:


2 x 10 pulls is on average halfway to a 5 star. Click the I on top left of summon screen to read the odds.

Thats just the game. Been playing for 3+ years and 5* for me are extremely rare to get. In the past 2 month i have just started getting the Season 1 5* everyone wanted back then. Although they are no longer as strong against these new heroes they are still relevent.

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This is a good reason why you should focus on the 4* instead IMHO. And a good example why hero pulling with money is not a good idea in general.

An emblemed 4* has almost the same stats as a vanilla 5*. Sometimes even their special ability can be more useful than a random 5*. You can do almost anything with a wide bench of emblemed 4*, especially if they have costumes.

One thing I already suggested in a different topic for increasing significantly your chances of getting a vanilla 5* is to run four Training Camp 20 trainings simultaneously for a longer period of time. This is not 100% still, keep in mind, but the odds are way more in your favour that way.

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4* heroes are generally good enough to finish a significant portion of PVE game content, yes.

But one of my favorite (though sometimes also least favorite, depending on how terribad the matchmaking is) aspects of the game is alliance wars. And vanilla 4* rosters just do not hold up all that well against max emblemed A+ ranked 5* heroes.


I am of the opinion that summoning a 5 * hero should have the same percentage of exit to each player, I see people who have 5/6 equal heroes of the month, not to mention I have seen people who have 5 * heroes that are uncountable. I got a 5 * hero today after 57 calls! And not counting the legendary trainings! Is this not normal? I would just like to propose to the developers to upgrade the server and give all players the same winning percentage as a 5 * hero.
i finish by saying i saw a x10 call of event 4 world, 3 new 5 * heroes came out

There is an universal answer - it’s just a RNG. You are lucky/unlucky :slight_smile: Of course they can’t do cumulative odds or guarantied 5* hero every 50 summons like in other games.

so is it right to give players luck and bad luck to others?
I am saying that the ecocay of 1 hero 5 * should be Equa for all, and above all everyone should have the same payout percentage of 1 hero 5 *.
it bothers me to always play and read millions of complaints that never come out 5 * heroes, and then see players who with a call for 10 receive 3 and new 5 *.
given the lot of money that the developers earn thanks to us with this game they should fix these little problems, and give everyone the same prizes.

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They do not give luck or unluck for anyone. It’s a simple gambling - not more. They can make odds higher, but I am sure - they will not do it.


Wow, that is a massive step up from my 4100 defense that hovers around mid to upper platinum. No wonder I struggle at those levels. :thinking:

I spent a lot of time yo-yo-ing between platinum and diamond raiding into it to open chest falling back to 22/2300 overnight then climbing back in the next day.

I have found that TP keeps me at around 2500 over night. Could manage with a lower if I had some of the flashier heroes and a top tank.

This is what I run currently.

This is a gacha game, my friend.
Pulling is gambling. You try and you get what you get.
Sometimes I have pulled 20-30 times and I didn’t get anything, few times I have done a single pull and got a 5*.
If you play at casino you don’t complain if someone else is luckier than you right?
Well, it is the same!

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I don’t know. I hate so much the complete lack of success in my pulls that I pull only when I have enough to probably obtain at least one hero I’m interested in: a HoTM, or one of some special 4s or 5s. Which means I normally forget between these clumps of pulls, they are so rare.

In any case, I don’t think it would be an unbiased reply. A deception is always well burnt into my memory, but deception is most strongly associated with colour. Not with a specific colour, but the colour of the hero I desire most. I want costume Marjana to turn up… the portal is reddening… oh… oooooh… Azar! Oh. Well. And, even if I get only 2 Azars and 5 Dawas during the pull, the Azars will be imprinted in my brain, while the Dawas? Sorry, were there Dawas too?

I have heard about someone with 11 Horghalls. Was it @WaffleWarriorBrister ? I think that’s the champion.

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I’m cursed by Belith, the Friar and endless Banes and Gunnars. Oddly, however, I have only gotten 3 Dawas in 1 year.

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i find nothing strange in having the same 3* heroes popping up again and again, given their presence and percentage of appearance in every summoning portal.

When you claim such repetition it’s always important to mention the number of summons you do in general. It’s not strange to see the same 3* hero popping if you do 10’s of summons.

It’s much more significant if such repetition appears with 4* and 5* heroes, especially when you are f2p or vc2p

For example, i consider myself a vc2p player, since i am only paying for valor pass and the occasional offer on vip (not the regular price) on only one of my 3 accounts. So i generally do only a single gem pull each event, plus all event coins i have managed to gather between the events.

Still i find certain 4 or 5* heroes reappearing in summons, different for each account.

For me it’s the beast of Berden

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