Summons are ridiculous - Summons MASTER

Just posting my frustrations. I love the game. Best chat app out there. Seriously though decent five star heroes cost me on average $1000.

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Lol, Zynga and Take-Two would get into massive trouble for lying about the summon odds. Would absolutely not be worth it for them financially

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I really don’t think it is healthy for anyone to play a game in which they don’t trust the posted information.

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If there were widespread belief that Zynga/TT were engaging in deceptive business practices it would impact their player base beyond EP. It would be a very bad idea. But in addition, it is not good for the game to make heroes so impossible to get. Nobody would want to continue playing.

Based on what? I saw Hurricane released, called him out as OP and guaranteed for a nerf, then did 20 pulls and got him. So far (:thinking::open_mouth:) not nerfed.

So I finally got a 5*. However, why do we always get worthless heroes we already have? So you have the details, pulled a 10x from elemental star event(greens only) and have maybe 1/4th available 5*s. I pulled Alberich. This isn’t the only time this occurs and sure it happens an alot with others. Just wondering if there some reason why we get dupes way more then something new or am I justed putting too much into my disappointment?

Hey you got a 5* more than I got.

During season 3 You can get 5* despite free play.
Even 3x 5*. For season 4 and 5 not only one…
And game brings not fun, only disappointment.

Piffle and Balderdash, my good sir.