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My worst result was 7 Vollemorks in a ten pull. :laughing:

Made 10* summary for special event. Received 9x 3* and 1 4*. There are a lot of games with much more fair rules, and much more appreciate their gamers. Ciao. This is not game I want and not received a lot of fun, only pain.

Well, good luck. You could have just searched the forum for “summons”". What you received is kind of within the advertised odds. Sorry, but complaining gets you nowhere.


I’ve done almost 200 invocations and it seems like a scam to me. that 2.3% does not exist in practice. I didn’t see a single 5 star hero. correct 200 dls is a lot of money and not even receive a copy of what I already have. We know in advance that you get expect the spending to be high. but their expectations are wild. Are they really expecting us to spend upwards of 300 dollars to receive a single hero of 5 and no guarantee that it is something you are looking for?

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It’s a harsh reality, but it’s just really bad luck.


Do 1500 more then maybe you can pretend it’s a not real.

People should learn statistics before being allow to bet or play that type of game… then may be we could all have better odds instead of people throwing money again and again and complain when they get nothing back :roll_eyes:


The chance for a 5* hero is even 2,5%.

I can’t tell you if the odds are true, but no 5* with 200 pulls isn’t impossible.
The chance for that is around 0,6%.

So there are more people getting no 5* hero with 200 pulls than people who get one of the two featured heroes with a single pull.
It’s not much, but possible.

Good luck with your next pulls.


Once I did a simulation of a summon portal with declared odds.


I do not understand your way of statistics … but above 2% it should mean that you have a probability in every 100 invocations to receive at least 2 heroes, to do 200 and not to receive any would not apply to the statistics shown. my complaint is not about the money it is because the statistic is not what it really is. And since it’s not what they sell, I don’t want my money back. but I won’t fall into that trap. of course I will spend. But since it doesn’t matter to spend 200 than 10 to receive a percentage that only they know the reality then I will simply stop spending.

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The fact that you didn’t get a 5* in 200 summons is the very proof of those percentages being real you’re looking for. Anything else is wasted forum space.

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Now I understand why people quitting the game. But we’ll ty thanks for clarifying that the truth is worse than what can be expected in those portals.

If you don’t believe the odds at 200 pulls, did you believe them at 100 pulls? What made you keep going?

0.975 ^200 = 0.6%

^correct math above

0.6% > chance of getting a legendary featured hero and yet we see those

I’m sorry you had bad luck, but I have no reason to disbelieve the odds. SG clearly states the bad odds up front. They easily could clearly state bad odds rather than having to lie about it.


I’ve had 3 5* from 60 pulls.

RNG can be harsh and cruel mistress at times.


It should still be clarified that 2.5% means 5 legendary heroes in 200 pools in average.
People just explain you you that the chance to get 0 does exist. To be clear, there is a somewhat comparable chance to get 10+ heroes in these same 200 pools. The average is till 5.


I’m so sorry for your bad luck but every pull gives you an individual 2.3% chance doing more doesn’t increase that chance.

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I got 3 five star from 50 pulls. im above the % in terms of luck. Others will be below. thats just how it goes. It averages out across the player base over time. Sorry to hear you got the bad end of things.

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Hey, didn’t you read the signs? It’s #no spend november, you’re most likely the only one using the portal, all the 5* are away on vacation till december first. They got word nobody will be doing summons this month so they took advantage of the situation and went on a 4 days Atlantis city break, VIP style. They’ll be back inside the portal next month, try another 200 pulls in a few days.

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The word you use is probability not guarantee.
And you should remove “at least”.
Yes you have a chance to get 2 5* heroes. You have the chance to get 10, or 0.
2,5% per pull doesn’t guarantee you anything no matter how often you pull.

100 pulls with 2,5% chance means you get:

0 5* heroes with 7,9%
1 5* hero with 20,4%
2 5* heroes with 25,9%
3 5* heroes with 21,6%
4 5* heroes with 13,5%
5 5* heroes with 6,6%
6 5* heroes with 2,7%
7 5* heroes with 0,9%
I will stop here with some rounding errors the chance for 8 or more 5* heroes is <0,5%

You see with 100 pulls you have a good chance getting 1, 2 or 3 5* heroes more than ⅔ of all people doing 100 pulls are getting something in this range.
A few people will get more but still nearly 8%, that’s quite a number will get nothing.
If in a full alliance where everyone does 100 pulls, at average 2 people wouldn’t get a single 5* hero.


For 0 it’s easy, 0.975^100
(Probability for not getting it)^(total numbers of tries)

For 1+ successfull pulls we use the binomial distribution formula, not that complicated as it looks :sweat_smile:

Bonus meme for all still reading :see_no_evil:


Yes, PROBABILITY not certainty. If it was certainty then it would not be random. Some get more than 2, some get less.

PS this is why I never spend on summons.


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