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I am talking about 4* , sorry about that.
Yeah math are beautiful, so what are the chances to get them 3 in a row?

The more specifically you demand a case be specified, the less probable that case will be. Even cases that you’d consider to be very reasonable are astronomically improbable when specified very exactly.

Getting exactly:

Bane, Gan Ju, Hawkmoon, Rigard, Little John, Renfield, Ulmer, Tiburtus, Graymane, and Kailani

in that specific order is a 3.7x10^-15% probable event. That’s 26 quadrillion to 1 against, which is 92 million times less likely than winning the Powerball lottery. Would you consider the RNG broken if you got it?

That said:

Getting 3 or more 4* in a row in a 10-pull is a 30.19% probable occurrence. Getting the same 4* in that set of 3 or more in a row is a 0.00435% probable event, or about 1 in 23,000.

It’s still not astronomically improbable, but reasonably unlikely. If every daily active player did a 10-pull, we’d expect about 60 of them to get that result.


My personal views, only, no judgement, comlpaints, just me expressing my thoughts.
I dont do 10 pulls, i rather do 1 at the time, quit after a few, I’ll use whatever come my way, in my team or as “feeders”.
Cheap 4 fun that’s me, the game is a part of my entertainment budget, i don’t buy 10 movies tickets at the time, 1 or 2 then use them.
The summons are what they are, sometime ok, other times not so much. I don’t expect much and I’m rarely disappointed.
Raids i don’t like them, don’t do them.
The rest of the game i like, so i fight, titans, wars, etc.
Boards, yes, sometime they suck, i play other connect 3 games, their boards suck at time too, so?
Want to vent, feel free, some of us will read, answer or ignore it, as it should be. No reason to get all uptight about it.
Frustrated, sometime, but remenber it is a GAME, so enjoy it.
If you’re at the point where it is not much fun anymore, reassess, maybe step away for awhile. I stopped playing severals, then went back and had fun again.
My views only.
Have fun.

I play the same way as you do. I rarely get frustrated for about 3min then move on.
But criticism (and sometimes over the line) is the only way to bring some changes/improvement.

We express the players point of view. Sometimes we are right sometimes we are wrong but we must do that in order to see improvement.

Then SG will take their decision, implement and then we judge, and either continue or give up and move on.

Hello,thanks for reading my post,
I agre, but to tell the truth, after spending a lot of time reading the forum, as far back as 2 years, i suspect that our inputs are largely ignored by the upper levels.
Still i like this game .
Have fun.


I think it depends on which inputs you mean. For instance:

The forum raised the issue of insufficient diversity in the heroes (both age and ethnicity), and you can see that SG has been responding. Margaret is a middle-aged woman without the classic “fantasy babe” body type. And the upcoming HOTM Miki and Kingston are black.

They also re-oriented the sorcerer pentagram symbol in response to discomfort expressed by forum-goers.

They introduced a new mode for colorblind people, in response to requests on this forum.

They buffed Aegir, which was a huge request from people here.

And a bunch of other new content usability changes are the direct result of ideas people posted on this forum. There’s a post with a partial list, actually:

But if you mean that they have ignored the complaints about the price of summons or the fact that pure, unshaped random in boards and summoning can produce very nasty results, I agree with that.

They seem to consider that randomness a core principle of the game–for better or for worse–and so they haven’t changed it, and more people yelling about it is unlikely to make them suddenly change their minds.


Can you please clarify, do you mean the complain is: “pure, unshaped random in boards and summoning can produce very nasty results” , but SG continues with the pure “randomness”?

I mean one of the top players in the game did over 300 summonings and failed to get Evelyn when she was HOTM, to the tune of probably $900 worth of gems. I did 362 summonings over the past 2 Atlantises with 0 featured heroes resulting, which is a very expensive 0.88% probable result. Another poster a couple months back was 0 for 400 on featured heroes from Atlantis, which is about 0.5% probable. And the OP went a mind-bending 518 pulls before finally getting a HOTM, an even more expensive 0.11% probable result.

They aren’t statistically surprising results, especially given how many players there are. But they’re nasty outcomes for the money. And in some sense, that makes it worse rather than better that they are expected to be this common.

Other games have taken steps to shape the probabilities so that tail cases like this don’t happen–things like pity timers. But SG is clearly committed to pure random.

Likewise with boards: there’s nothing stopping you from getting 10 bad boards in a row, other than the weight of probability. You get whatever the RNG throws at you, and have to make the best of it.


Boards do not seem that random to me. I get the boards needed to remain at a steady win/loss ratio.
It does not matter what i will do, i will keep have 27 victories 23 loses at the stronghold at the end of the day.
No matter the opponent i will fill the raid chest in 10 raids (rarely 11)

But no matter if i am right or wrong, things are what it is.

But surely you can understand that maintaining the casino like policy will bring the frustration and consequent flaming etc. for you to deal with :slight_smile:.

Good thing for them is that gamblers gonna gamble

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How is it that you are ending up with 50 fights every day? Raid energy comes in sets of 6, not 5, and raid chests are in multiples of 40 heroes. Also, the skip timer bottoms out at every 8 hours at maximum skip rate, which would limit you to 3 raid chests a day. 3 x 40 = 120 heroes needed. 27 x 5 = 135 kills, and one presumes you kill some heroes on the losses too.

So, are you doing a bunch of world energy buying and then just quitting when you hit 50 flags used, even though you still have world energy left over? I mean, the logical breakpoints would be 48 or 54 flags…

Setting that intriguing claim aside, there’s plenty of data showing that the boards are random. I collected a bunch of that data myself–600 raids’ worth. And I also tracked my wins and losses for most of that data collection. My win rate was distinctly higher than 54%.

Not saying i do 50 battles per day.I will do 10-11 raids for the chest and maybe 2-3 more.I am saying i have constant 27 victories 23 loses at the stronghold.
Right now i have 21 loses at the stronghold, which means not good news for my next raids unless i get raided.

Out of curiosity, if you don’t mind how many loses you are currently having at the stronghold (your raids,enemy raids, revenges) all in

I just logged in to check. 30 wins, 20 losses. And my raids in that set are 16 and 4.

Thanks. I do not check my raids. only total. I guess if you also are not raided you will probably get negative result next raids :slight_smile: , If that hypothesis (not mine, a friend’s) stands any merit

Had a flag up, so I just fought another battle for fun:

Bottom line: they’re not managing the results :slight_smile:

I just grabbed this screenshot from the tower you can see that the fight happened after my post here:

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And another:

At this point, I’m going to save flags for the morning.

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With the statics you are keeping i am sure you will monitor this :slight_smile:

Hope you are right and i guess we will see.

I did not doubt you.

Fyi my cups right now 2630 too :slight_smile:


I am pretty much f2p (except for the Valentine’s Day special), and that has kept me pretty content with my pulls. I get some pretty good stuff from my TC20’s (at least enough stuff to keep me busy). Yes, I wish the Dev’s would make the HOTM’s or other special heroes available via TC’s, but my teams do alright without all the awesome heroes.


I stopped paying after I saw the “it’s raining loot ticket”. All other games I play have a skip battle feature for free.

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@Garanwyn when I started about 6 months ago there was a tread about some insane deal that was not given to everyone I don’t know how to put the link in but I took a pic and found another.

I read alot on here about SG not targeting people I would like to know your take on this

I’m not going to get into people’s opinions because we all have them. I know my limits & what I’m willing to spend on this game or my Xbox & PS4. I will say alot of comments make since but we ask people tend to be competitive & impatience. Maybe like alot of other things in life SG found a way to prey on people competitive edge or weakness. True not SG fault because they don’t make you spend money but the TEMPTATION for many is real and uncontrollable. I think in the world they call it BUSINESS. I think you have to have self control in this game. We can’t have every new hero that comes out

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