Summons are ridiculous - Summons MASTER

To be honest I have always viewed this thread in several different ways:

  • Summons are ridiculous - and can be really bad
  • Summons are ridiculous - and can be really good
  • Summons are ridiculous- and can be really mediocre
    I suppose it all depends on individual interpretations but to me it’s simply not worth falling out over

I will tag OP who created this thread @BFD. I think he can answer. Based on his first comment I think this thread is for players to rant about their bad pulls :blush: There are some other positive thread where people talk about their good pulls.


Gals, ignore that guy. He reminds me of JJJ from Spider-Man series - guy yelling, shaking his fist, and trying to twist everything into his favor. Not to mention the writing …

This is very clear that this is a thread about very bad pulls.
This morning i did like 3x10 tower summons. Majority 3*… Ugh


I did 5 rolls x10 and 8 for tokens in Magic Tower. I do not even chasing 5* cause I know the odds, have good teams and so on. I want to have Anastasia and Sergei. Unfortunately They do not want me. Maybe next time.
Anyway it is frustrating see 3* cards from s1, or Kornel Barbershop, Dolgoonbong or attack missing master Anton. Sometimes hate this game.

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I’ll keep posting this in threads like this.
First, I wonder how long the government will allow the rampant gambling that is truly in the pulls for this game. Some governments are already clamping down on this nonsense.

Second, World of Tanks got it right these last two times they had ‘loot’ boxes. You are guaranteed a top tier premium tank in 50 pulls. If you get one earlier, the counter resets.
My money has been cut back 99%, until they implement something like this.

I did not buy Valor or VIP for the last two months and that is after ‘at least’ buying those two for the previous 12 months.

You don’t reward petulant children by giving them money.

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I wasn’t and I didn’t. I just think she did well in owning something. It actually made me go back and revisit some of my posts which resulted in me binning two of them as they were clearly in breach of the forum rules. Quite frankly, I feel ashamed, they were simply awful.

And to just everyone (no targets), a couple of links worth reading. The first I had already read before but a refresher read was helpful to me. Your mileage may vary.

Forum rules

Try to be positive


I can never be so unlucky that going on 3 months now i haven’t pulled legendary Hero or the HOTM … That’s crazy come on Empire and Puzzles . I’m a P2P player and I’m most definitely disappointed and strongly considering spending my money elsewhere


Give it a rest Dansing. You know what this thread is for, so dont give us that “both types of summons” crap. The only reason you are on this thread, or any other for that matter, is to defend SG. You always do. Anytime anyone says anything that paints SG in a bad light, you argue the opposite. I dont know if you are affiliated with SG or something, but some of the things you defend for them is insane.


I consider a game that forces you to watch a 30-second ad every 20 seconds of gameplay (one level) to be greedier. And there are hordes of those on Google Play – many of them with ads in MV.


I presume you are talking about the S4 portal. The odds of a featured S4 5* is 1% but that could be any one of the featured heroes. If there are three featured heroes then it’s 0.33% each. For a non-featured S4 5* it’s 0.6% for any one of however many there are. For a specific hero it’s 0.6 divided by the number of 5* non-featured heroes so, pretty dismally low.

It is not worth spending on portals unless you are willing to spend BIG (like thousands) and even then you could still not get the hero you want.

It would seem that in general SG do not respond to these types of threads/posts.


Here’s what I don’t get with this game!
Because of the way its designed, the only “level up” that players experience is by getting better heroes.
Everything else about the game is about maximize those heroes but the real level up is by getting them.

So I dont know how SG expect small time spenders to continue interested in the game if these new heroes are not rewarded.
I am a F2P.

My last “new” 5* hero (one that I didn’t have) was over 8 months ago, more than a year for one outside season 1 hero (Frosth). I don’t even remember when was the last time I got a 4* or 3* that I don’t already have.
So I dont feel any progression in my game at all.

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“Yawn” …

Just bcoz, I don’t crib / complain all the time = you / types label me as SG supporter… WoW !!

BTW, I don’t care how much you call names to SG… I ONLY speak about the game process, which is defined / explained in every part… + the MODERATORS regularly write / explain the summons %…
Still you distribute SG labels

while you have right to stand-your-ground… please stop manufacturing those labels :slight_smile:

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Yes …. I know Thanks for You’re explication :slight_smile:

You can try to downplay the obvious truth by saying I am giving you a “label” but what I said is 100% accurate. You only speak on behalf of SG, regardless of what it is about. I dont complain “all the time”, and I give credit when SG does something right, unfortunately that isnt often. You on the other hand, never call them out when they do something dumb. Maybe you should stop trying to manufacture a twisted reality where SG is the good guy, and the 90% of players who dont agree with most of their decisions, as “constant complainers”.

Realmente desanima,fiz várias convocações nesse evento de Valhala, gastei com fichas e gemas pra tentar conseguir um herói lendário de evento,e o que me veio??? NADA!
Já tinha gastado antes com Atlântida e um outro evento, então realmente o melhor mesmo é não gastar nesse jogo,eles não estão nem aí com o tanto que a gente convoca. É desanimador

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Figure I add my ridiculous summon story. I had 100k gems and was aiming at a couple of the 5* villains. Usually spend 1k a month. Went through all my gems and got 3 Crystalis then bought every offer and some more gems and went on to do another 300 pulls. So of course I got nothing! Well, Azlar.

I knew the odds of getting nothing and I don’t even play the lottery and hate casinos. It was spendable income and not the money that bugs me. Yes, I’m embarrassed to admit it. Biggest regret is not donating the money to any charity. Will do so from now on. Can’t stand how this has made me feel. I suppose this is how gamblers feel all the time. Yuck. Never before and won’t happen again. Hope it helps someone else avoid falling in the trap.

Most events I’d get 1 5*. Most times worse that published odds. Ice of course is the only one I have loads of. The ninja portal gave me Jade with 400+ summons last year. After this last middle finger I can no longer continue. Still like the game and won’t quit but CTP from now on. VIP is paid for year so POV is the only purchase going forward. Didn’t read the whole thread so I’m not sure where my story stacks in terms of ridiculousness.
Rant over. Feel better already :smiley:


I failed to mention I also got 7 or 8 Viscaros :joy: . Looking forward to the soul exchange.


That is a great resolution, kudos to you :bowing_woman:t3:

If it helps you not getting trapped again you have achieved your goal :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi all

I used to spend money on this game and it seemed the more I spent the less I got for it and more money I put in on summons the crappier the results got to the point which it became a habit which had to stop so I gave away my alliance of over 2yrs and stopped playing altogether.

Now a year later I am back and quite happy to say that after a couple of months I haven’t spent a cent and I much happier for it.

So far using nothing but the free tokens from the special quests I have gotten the HOTM and 3x5* heroes.

Where the biggest issue in this game is that I am now forced literally to stop summing as it takes up room and come to point where my last 15 black spots are kept for feeders as I refuse to spend 500gems on every 5 spaces.

I feel that if E&P want us to keep spending money on summons then they should provide a far better hero storage system than the current system or separate the hero storage and feeders area because the lack of storage alone was enough to turn me off summoning back I was spending.

Give each player a gift o 5 free spaces for every 1 year on the game, that alone would look like they care about encouraging you to keep making pulls.

At the current moment I have over 1300 mixed tokens, coins etc for pulls from maps, special quest etc, just sitting there waiting.

I don’t have any of the new heroes that have come out in the last 12 months but those I do have are good enough against them.

My advice, stop spending and just play for fun, it truly isn’t worth it.

As for the RNG side of it, well it is what what it is as there is never any guarantee’s when it comes to these types of luck but one thing is true in life, those that play for fun accepting the way things are truly have more fun than those that spend big bucks thinking money will make them better players, always living in hope and expecting something bigger or better only to end up broke and disappointed, frustrated and complaining.

Have fun all


Hello. I did 250+ pulls and got only 2 S1 5*, not even HotM or anything, which is far below the expectation (which is on 3.8%, a.k.a 9 5* heroes on average). What is also weird is that I obtained frequently mostly the same 3* heroes, notably Graymane and Renfeld, all over and over. Please, could you check that the pull RNG is okay and notably it is the same generator for everyone?

Thank you.