Summons are ridiculous - Summons MASTER

45 ett and i got 0 ninja troops, 3 4* troops and 42 useless 3* troops. thanks again sg. as slobix wrote above this is a good reminder to stop throwing money here in your “casino”.


Guess this time I was lucky then. I used 10 ETT. Results:

Ninja troops: 1 (10% instead of 5%)
4* troops: 3 (30% instead of 10%) - including a blue (my first - yaay)
3* troops: 6 (60% instead of 85%)

My luck to receive epic troops is much more appreciated than my luck pulling heroes (just 3 5* (S1), and 4 non S1 4* after two years of playing). One hand full - the other almost empty. This sound pretty much like E&P. But I am far away from complaining. Just reporting. I still enjoy the game.

I guess I got all the luck on the ninja troops and nowhere else. I used 25 ETTs.

Ninja troops: 3 (first green and 2 duplicate purples) - 12%
4* troops: 4 (got my 3rd blue mana that I wanted) - 16%
3* troops: 18 - 72%

All I need is a blue ninja troop and my collection is complete to have 3 mana, 1 ninja, 1 crit per color.

Probably explains why I haven’t been successful lately on HoTMs or S3/S4 pulls lately.

29 ETT
4* x1
3* x28
The only good thing is that the 4* was the red mana troop i was missing.
2 years f2p to complete rainbow set of mana, so no illusion saying ‘redcilous’ of E&P summon odds is HOLDING BACK!

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20 ETT, 4 ninja & 2 Crit.

That’s the thing with portal odds, there’s winners and losers and we’ve all been on both sides of that fence.

Simply don’t waste your time and money on this game (gambling) and it will be closed in future :slight_smile:

I doubt that. I had games played years before and they are still thriving now. Played Clash of Clans and Pokémon Go. Those are still up and running. I know. Just checked them recently. My favorite Youtubers there are still continuously uploading new contents daily.

If each of players will not pay for it - I am more than sure they will be closed. There are still a lot of addicted people in the world :slight_smile: They simply got their whales and live off them

This fool told me to wind my neck down, grab my knitting needles, and a warm cup of milk… and that is acceptable? Me responding by calling him a man baby isn’t?? Got it. SG you can go ahead and ■■■■ right off with that nonsense.

Yep, it was genderish. And cheap.
And you are probably right in more ways than the forum users are inclined to accept because, you know, it’s likely many are men.

But you see the problem right?
Those comments are pulled off to trigger you and if you lose it you are proving their point or, at the very least, reinforcing their behaviour.
Be superior. Be a woman :wink:

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Note that it says your comment was flagged by the community (not by the moderators or SG) - anyone could have done that, for example the poster you were responding to. Basically it means some random bod didn’t like it. Mods haven’t told you it has to go. FWIW I agree yours was an understandable response to that jibe. And what @Yhc said.

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What a ripoff I save just to get a good hero form the VALHALLASUMMOM and what you get for 30 heroes all 3 stars heroes this ■■■■ me off some body have to change that system I will never buy another hero again, now I understand why players is ■■■■ and leaving the game…

This not an idea nor a rant that i can jump on and motivate. But sorry for your loss.

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The bug of the calls of the circus, like the last valhala, is always in the center summon portal, the director zuri is the very first, and not any other hero. The issue of legendary heroes of the event is too low


They should delete S1 heroes from event portal and (s2 ,s3 n s4 ).


Hi All E/P Players .

I Have enjoyed the circus event. and completed it. BUT The summoning is VERY bad. I Have done 21 circus pulls so far and guess what. ALL Off them were SEASON 1. I got 3 4* And all the rest 3* . So after 21 pulls i have still not got a circus hero.

Given the summon odds below, I’m curious how many you think you should have received from 21 pulls?

Well, if you check the other post of the circus, some guy has all the 5 star heroes and all fully lvld up. So unless,… Not joking either… Unless you have a million bucks where you can easily throw away about $17000.00 then you will have 3 stars to 5 stars hero’s galore,… Ish with feeders.
Pulls are not not bad, pulls are really not very bad either now, pulls are infact only catered to those handfull of players willing to spend a minimum of $300 upwards for maybe, just maybe a chance for something and $1000 upwards for maybe just maybe possibly 2 5stars ONLY just maybe and a 4 star 3star here and there ish.

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