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Not actually true, except if the developers, instead of using a pseudo-random generator algorithm (which should be used in order to be allowed to post rationale outcomes like the game does), they used a different way to calculate the outcomes.

What I was trying to say is slightly different. Think about having a dice game, and you win the game rolling 6 and lose if you roll 1-5. With this assumption you should have 1 chance of 6 to win.
If the dice is an actual dice, than you have an actual random so you have actually 1 chance around 6 to toss a 6.
But if the dice is a virtual one (an application with roll the dice) than a pseudo-randomization is involved. Even if the algorithm tries to reproduce, as near as possible, the chance ration, actually you can have situations where the actual chance ratio, instead of 1/6 could become higher or lower at certain condition.
However pseudo-randomization tries to roll a 6 in a global range of 1 chance of 6 (in a long chain of rolls) as near as possible… so you can be considered “lucky” if you rolled the winning 6.

Different case if the outcomes are not the direct result of a pseudo-randomization algorithm, but was pre-determined using different logics. That case, yeah, you could be completely right.

However no one of us actually knows how the outcomes are calculated, so we can do only speculations :thinking:

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The outcome is tension while rolling and serotonin after a cool one popped up. Do not expect heroes, expect the experience of hormonal imbalance. :wink:


Summons are rediculously awesome, sometimes…


So, I’ve been a regular player for most of 2 years and have my doubts if what chance means to me is the same as in the game!
It seems in actuality if you dont buy diamonds for summons or other intermittent offers that chance really means haha good luck with that!
However even when I was spending money initially under the impression that chance meant the same thing universally, still it was haha got ya money here’s your chance bad luck!
So my query is, " does a non paying player actually have a chance beyond a snowball’s in hell, of actually getting anywhere!
In my experience not at all!
Am I wrong!

I’m going to tag my favourite free to play player @ThePirateKing. I’m sure he can tell you of his own experience.


Have a look here

Also, you appear to be arguing that non-paying players…and paying players are targeted?


Also, herers a snapshot of my $10 roster


Here’s my F2P roster after playing for little over 16 months. I would argue that both luck and tenacity plays a lot of role in a F2P players life. And hence what might work for one might not work for another, and hence we all end up having drastically different rosters. But, I am sure SG doesn’t play any part in targeting specific players, it’s just the nature of RNG. All my special heroes (Ariel, Tarlak, Hatter, Victor) came from lucky pulls with EHTs and Coins. The HOTMs are the most hit or miss, because that totally depends on luck. I managed to get 5 HOTM after playing 16 months, so I consider myself quite lucky. Many F2P players can goa year without pulling a HOTM. And all my classic 5 stars came from TC20 pulls (300+ pulls) :slight_smile:


I am playing about 1 year and a half (I started around Xmas 2018) and I am a c2p player (since I bought VIP pass 2 or 3 time in total, don’t remember exactly).
This is my roster:

My main source of heroes, like Pirate, is tc20.


Omg the pulls are just pony and the language they use is so trumpion.
When they say a greater chance of winning it is true but why hide the odds.
Because if they said the odds where 1000/1 but now 1000/5 yes a greater chance but still pants.
This game is so elitist the if you want to win or even have a reasonable chance you must pay .
But I’m not talking a couple of pound here and there what I’m talking about a month wage.
So forget the Rent or Paying bills just listen to the sickle sweet talk and pay pay and pay to be a winner.
The only reason I have not uninstalled is because of my alliance member I think they are a realy good bunch of people.
And still no little pressants that leaders of alliances to show they appreciate all there members bo to make there alliance.
That’s how i fell and see this game i don’t know if you will get to see this before G.M’s take it bown but hayho there you go.

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Define wining for yourself! You are using the word wining for pulling good heros.
The game is not elitist it just rewards patience!! :smile:

With best regards from a happy, non elitist, veteran ftp player! :sunglasses:


3 kunchens as f2p? sometimes I look at f2p rosters in this game and I figure something has gone terribly wrong with my summons. Hopefully there is a regression to the mean and I end up with 10 hotm pulled this year or something…

yup this is what a budget roster looks like- similar to mine.

How do you get the landscape image of your roster?what device are you opening the game with?


I regularly post my winnings from TC20 (showing percentages for 3*, 4*, 5*) but my claim to fame is playing 3 years (sometimes F2P, sometimes C2P) with nary an HOTM in sight.

I’m not complaining mind you (well maybe a little!) but pointing out RNG works differently for everyone, and everyone lies somewhere on the bell curve.

Best of luck with your summons!! :wink:


No it doesn’t. Never does, never will.

May I suggest to all that’s been moaning of bad luck in summons; pull ONLY 20-30 a day. If you don’t get HOTM, try again tomorrow. It works for me; it means that I spread the RNG over time. If you’re having a very bad RNG on first 10 pulls, chances are you’re gonna have a bad RNG for your next immediate subsequent 100 pulls…

Like I said, it’s just me. It works well for me so far. Taken example of Telluria, I summon almost 200 pulls (100 pulls purely from EHT, Atlantis Coins, Challenge coins) over 15 days (I pulled during Atlantis, Valhalla and Pirates of Corellia). I pulled 20 a day during only events; and pulled Telluria on third day of Pirates event.

Over the course, I got;
Vivica (my first after 1.25 years of playing)
Marie Therese
Sargasso (and accompanied by Telluria).

; the above are the orders in which I got them over the course of events.

I’m sure it’ll work for you guys if you have patience and discipline to just pull 20-30 a day rather than hundreds in just a span of 10 minutes.

Lmao I always love these! Poking the ones who’ve had bad luck with superstitious methods that were really just good luck…that’s awesome!!

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Yup, that was the most ridiculous thing that ever happened to me. That was one of those months where I did a 10 pull, I remember because that was the first the Valentines offer was given and also the first Wonderland event was introduced. Anyway, thanks to my gracious alliance mates at that time I had 2600+ gems for the first time and did a 10 pull in Wonderland, and got The Hatter and Cheshire Cat, along with 1 Kunchen. Then later that month I did 4 pulls with my saved up Atlantis coins (I was working on S2 at that time) and got 2 more Kunchens. :grinning:

Lies lies lies! Pay a ton get ahead

Yes, you can pay a ton and get ahead.

Or you can work at it, make the most of your opportunities and do very well without paying a cent :slightly_smiling_face:

Please refrain from accusing players of lying, @Elayanith is making a perfectly accurate point.


I’ve been at this two years ⅔ if how long this games existed! I bust my hump playing! I’m the most dedicated player in my alliance! How can I work harder? My acct is just plain cursed!

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