Summonning or not summon interference during event

This a question I was patently collected gems and finały crossed 300 pieces. I wish to roll for blue heros but as I see during this event there is a mix-colour summoning not elementar.
or Maybe I should try in śpię of this circumstances as the even hero are worth it? But I see in hero grading prepared by 7departed as the – heros – are not so great what means I should wait till the end of the event.

What would you do?

If you are only interested in gaining blue heroes, I would wait till the Event is over for the blue Elemental Summons.

If you might want a chance at the five pirate heroes, you could roll now. Keep in mind these heroes are not guaranteed; it is a chance to get them.

Good luck either way! :wink:


300 gems?

I think you’ve got your hopes up too much

For most of us, that will give us a 3 star


Case closed. I will wait. Thank you.

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You never know what show up so i will wait.

Denys is right in that 300 gems only promises a 3*; if you’re lucky it may be something more.

300 gems could also be Magni + Zeline.

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FWIW my alt did a single purple pull on the limited budget I allocate there, and pulled Obakan. Dream on!

I got Joon and gormek from 2x 300 gems elemental summon. You would never know, all you need is a chance. I think I have done more or less total of 6-7 300gems summon.

Took pot luck myself with 300 of my meagre overall pile of 450.
Got a pot.

(well, Graymane, actually, but probably would have got more use out of a pot).

Bring on that T20 (just getting enough food storage together to research Level 20 training, and then I’m there!)

At this stage for me Gems are for the birds (or for those who are willing to commit a fair amount of money into the game, of course).

I’ve had enough of using gems for summons now. Will instead use them to accelerate mission renewals from this point. No point spending money on new ones then either. Guess SG can get their revenue from me in the form of the daily Mystic Vision ad. (Funny thing is I can actually afford to spend the money… but have never really liked to waste the stuff, so I’m not about to start now).

(P.S. Would advise spending early to get up a good stable of heroes with some depth. Will probably be mostly 4* unless you’re lucky. Then you hit the diminishing returns wall, and it’s a doozy. Trump would be proud.)

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Till nów my best team is:
Wu kong leveled recently to 4
sonya max leveled
boldtusk max levled
Caedmon max level ed
Ricard leveled to 3 max

My goal is to have strong atak team for raids.
sonya and Caedmon Got the same specials.
boldtusk and ricard are my healers : boldtusk gives strong atak whilst ricard remove buffs.
wu kong self explanatory.

I found playing with to healers easier then with only one.

Other purple is Tibertus but only 3lev.

The weakest in this team is sonya accoring to mentione ranking heros. I wish to have Grimm instead of sonya or Boril last pull.

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