Summoning trick

Hello guys!! I’m here one more time!!
As you can see topic is ‘summoning trick’.
Somewhere I’d seen @Gwniver 's post about she did not get any hero since a long time. So I am going to discuss about my summoning trick.
But first of all see these pics

Mainly I use this trick when I summon 10 heroes.

By using this trick I got(top 5 heroes)
1.) Augustus (best healer in my team)
2.) Alfrike (best tank for rush)
3.) Bastet (most used hero)
4.) Zagrog (main attacking hero)
5.) Current HOTM (not leveled up yet), also Mok-arr who has low summoning odds in his portal(I’ve summoned him when he wasn’t featured)

As you can see in the image. I got ToE which has 0.1-5% drop rate. After getting it I’ve summoned and got HOTM which has 1.3% chance (and Proteus too which I wanted since his release but I’m not counting him bcz he’s a 4*).

So whenever you’ll get a 4* mat or something which has low drop rate just summon.

Disclaimer:- this is a trick which can be useful for F2P’s but I can’t say that you’ll 100% get a 5* hero by using it. I use it bcz I got more than 10 5* heroes. Which I use daily somewhere.

NOTE:- if you’ll use this trick and get a 5* hero. Please post it here. I want to see does it really works or not.

EXTRA NOTE:- In other words this trick just describes how’s your RNG(luck) is. It’s same as summoning a 3* troop by silver token.

Thank you all :innocent:


I see no trick info here?


Actually it’s not a official trick. It’s a trick what I use.

In other words this trick Indicates how’s your RNG is it hot or low.


Summons after you get a 3* ?


OP summoned after he received a Tome of Experience, so he is saying to summon after you get a 4* mat (as the 5* came 3 summons later for him).


Off topic. Nice avatar. Did u get a DT NFT?


Huh? You tagged me? (she, by the way :blush:), but, where did I post that? :sweat_smile:

I think we are a large bunch, who haven´t gotten anything nice for a long time - I suspect it´s exactly how the game developers want things to remain. :smile:

I thought it was all RNG? But thank you, I´ll keep this in mind for the next time :four_leaf_clover:


Ohh sorry for little mistakes :sweat_smile:
Hope you’ll get some good heroes :innocent:


Aww, thank you, right back at you! Well, more than you already have :heart_eyes:


I’m using that trick for a very long time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Usually I use silver tokens and I check if I can pull a 3* hero or a 3* troop. Unfortunaley I don’t have any screenshots, I hope I’ll be able to share one from the Costume Chamber. :wink:


Yes better than buying Gems. :slight_smile:


May I know are you using iPhone? I will try your trick thank you. Haven had any 5 star so I’ll try when there is any offers for gem!


IDK if it helps, key word is RNG so maybe it helps some, doesn’t work for others.

Recently pulled 3 esets off 40+ coins. Sure even a broken watch is correct twice a day but… getting nearly every season 5 5* off coins might be something worth considering.

IDK what I’m doing but I’ve been trying to repeat the same process once I started getting positive results from the second time portal opened. No gem pulls. If you see a pattern or trick, you’re welcome to share or try. Hope everyone can be as lucky with pulls.


Once I suggested similar trick to one of my alliance mate (I don’t remember it was a 3 star hero from silver coin or 4 star ascension mat). He tried a ten pull immediately so I still owe him 3000 gems :rofl:


In other words if it works for one person and not for 100 others, it’s essentially the posted odds.

I get that people like trying to see patterns, but there is a lot of bias in these types of “tricks”. Not everyone who tries them reports on them, so we don’t know how often they don’t work. It could simply be that someone gets to a sort of hot streak based on the rng, but others don’t get a thing.

Of course, the only ones reporting are those for whom these “tricks” work, there’s going to be a disproportionate success rate.


I believe RNG can be hot or cold. I got C-Bk on a single pull, Arco in a single 10-pull, and Aramis in 1 pull. Below are other “examples”. I will stress there are no guarantees, but this is my method (and I agree mats are included when hot or cold).

On my next 10-pull I got 3 more Morax.


Is that avatar a joke or genuine admiration? @Pnjk1954


Actually it’s a Android.

Some serious word

lol :sweat_smile:

After reading it I’ve addedEXTRA NOTE

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I’ve been keeping track of my pulls for the past year and change… But the sample size is so small that my 2.5% event hero pull rate is still inconsequential.

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