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Say you have 80/100 hero slots used and you want to do a 30 pull for Atlantis. This is not a problem as you can summon over you’re max, you just can’t train or pick them up on the map, no? Also, what about the HOTM? As noted, in this case I believe you can go to 110/100 via the summons portal. Would this affect your chance of getting the HOTM? I don’t think so but want to double check before Atlantis opens (any guesses what I’m planning?).

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Yes, you can go over your limit when summoning, unlike farming and picking up from training camps.

No, it doesn’t impact your odds for HOTM or otherwise.

It’s worth noting, once you go over your limit, feeding is difficult. So you really can only do that if you plan to immediately eat many or all of the 3*.


Oh, also, since this sounds like it’s your first time doing a big summons, I feel I should point this post out:

Happy summoning, and may the random number generator smile upon you! :smile:

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Thank you. I’m all good on the “gotcha.” I’ve been f2p for about 10 months and recently snuck to c2p. I’m only on planning to (1) make a 30 Atlantis pull, (2) use my 10 hero coins, (3) use my 1000 atlantis coins plus a few more I may get, and (4) use my 11 troop tokens - yes I know these don’t give HOTM. To date, I’ve only made 3 Atlantis pulls - meliax2 and jahinger. I should get something good that I don’t have although I’m hoping for Evelyn.

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Yet you say you understand Gacha.

Key word is “hoping.” And a 4* Atlantis would be good (depending on which one). Let’s see what happens. And if I get nothing, I get nothing. Money’s already spent for a chance.

Yeah, I think I’m pretty comfortable. Thanks for your concern though. :blush:


I’m probably going to do 2x30 pulls…I’m expecting 58x 3* feeders and 2x Hu Tao feeders…anything above that is gravy.


Good luck times 20. :four_leaf_clover:

Proteus and Wilbur in particular are awesome 4* from Atlantis, and the odds for pulling some of the 4* are decent at least.

Good luck with your summons, post your results here!

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If you get lucky and summon a bunch of “keeper” cards, you can always buy more slots in the Store. They’re cheap relative to the costs of the summons. I try to keep 15-20 “working” spots on the roster, so a big summons usually mean I have to budget for an extra batch of 5 slots.

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Thanks. It was hypothetical. I like to level by color to get the extra 20% xp. If it affected me, I’d use all my feeders to free the room. If not, I’d rather wait and see what happens. I have a total of 38 feeder slots and more than 100 total (which is what I used in my hypothetical). :slight_smile:

I always train matched-color, too, but I’m willing to feed in smaller batches of 3-6 feeders per round. For 4* and 5* heroes, there’s no downside there except a minor increase in food cost.

Talking about going over the limits:

I did a massive 171 token pulls on 24.12.


Hahaha. Gonna do between 30 & 60 pulls tomorrow if the hero I want is available. Hoping for 95 % of 3* & 5* of Hu Tao as well. Already got 7 or 8 so… Why would it stop :rofl:

@zephyr1. You asked for my results. Here they are. You judge for yourself. As a point of reference, before this I had all s1 4*, only melia from s2, and two copies of Obakan.

30 pull Atlantis, 10 pull Atlantis, 10 Atlantis coin pulls, 2 single pulls Atlantis, 12 gold hero coins, 12 gold troop coins, 5 Atlantis chests

Colon, Renfeld x2, Proteus, Domitia, Hu Tao, Chochin x3, Wilbur, Melia x6, Gill-Ra x4, Namahage x2, Gato x5, Mnesseus x6, Kailani x4, Prisca , Hawkmoon x3, Li xiu, Belith, Brienne x2, Grimm, Tiberius, Gadeirus, Danzaburo x2, Obakan, Bane, Balthazar x2, Azar x2, Santa Claus, Boldtusk, Caedmon x2, Carver, Buddy, Rudolph, Scarlett, graymane

3* troops x12

Magic orb, Compass, Royal tabard, Mystic rings, trap tools

46/64 (72%) 3*, 15/64 (23%) 4*, 3/64 (5%) 5*. No HOTM.


It’s a little hard to judge just glancing since you have a mix of Atlantis and regular summons with the tokens, but it looks like you got pretty much expected results on 3*, and then got luckier on 5* vs 4* than average. So I’d say it seems like you had good draws, even without a HOTM bonus.

Your troop results are a bit of an underperformance, since you’d expect to get one 4* on average, but given the relatively small number of draws not getting any isn’t surprising.

You got good ascension mats from your Atlantis chests too, in both variety and mix of 3/4*.

And in terms of specific heroes, you got some great ones, especially Wilbur, Proteus, Tiburtus, Grimm, Boldtusk, Buddy, Scarlett, Colen, Caedmon, Santa, Domitia, and Li Xiu. Your third Obakan is perhaps a disappointment on the variety front for you.

Your 3* draws were good too — nearly all of the Season 2 3* are above average (except perhaps Gil-Ra), and Belith, Brienne, Hawkmoon, Bane, Balthazar and Rudolph are amongst the best season 1 and seasonal 3* in the game, even in duplicate.

How do you feel about the results?


I’m happy. I actually had 15% 5* then did one more 10 pull with none.

On the 5* front, happy with domitia and Santa. They’ll sit for a while as I’m going to prioritize some 4*.

For 4*, I wanted Wilbur and got him. I heard good about proteus and got him. I’ve heard buddy is perhaps best 4* and got him. Also saved gadadius but most of the rest were turned to food - I have a healthy supply of 4*.

Call me sentimental, but I still keep 3*. I think I got all the 3* s2 so that’s good. Kept one of each.
Also was able to bring Balthazar from 7/8 to 8/8 and similar to Azar. Melia is now 2.1 and 4/8. This is all progress.

No complaints on AM. I have enough to level 2-4* of each color but red. So rings were nice. Another reason Wilbur is prioritized over Santa.

Troops are typical. I swear that 10% odds is false :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:. I pull more troops than heroes and still don’t have a green 4*. My rate I believe is well under 10%.

My biggest issue is I need more slots for feeders since I saved a lot - even Obakan for now. I bought 10 more but am now out of gems. I had 38 feeder slots going in and now have 31. I’ll probably buy extra slots 2 more times.

Although I wanted Evelyn (green is by far my worst color), I’ve no complaints. Onward and upwards.


I agree, great results! It’s debatable which of Wilbur, Buddy, and Proteus is the “best” 4* — but it’s not so debatable that they’d all be at the top of any list of candidates. So I think that alone makes it all a success.

And I save (hoard?) 3* and duplicates, so I can relate.

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