Summoning Method

¿Easy to get a HOTM?

You are out of your mind. This is a completely false statement backed up by odds/facts.


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As I said @Rduke77, i don’t want to distract from the topic of this thread, but as I said “IMO” HoTM are easy to get. In the last Pirate’s event, I summons multiple Zoccs while doing 10-pulls in the event summons. Before you ask, I did four 10-pulls. It has been that way for the past several months. That may not be everyone’s experience, but “IMO” it has been mine.

Keep on gaming! Good luck all! :wink:

I’ve done a bunch of 10 pulls and 30 pulls and didn’t get anything but a couple of duplicate 4*s and a bunch of 3s. I have zero GM, BK or GP so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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Thanks for the clarification @CoreyOfTheIsland!

I use the “summoning method”.

Not everyone buys into it, but it has worked for me.

Sorry for getting off topic! :wink:


Fairly false forum fact !!

Well, I did however got 3 Zoccs last month using free pulls from free coins from various portals. Not stoked about it. I just remembered back then I was pulling x10 and badly wanted as extra lucky draws Khiona, Zimkitha, Kunchen and Kingston and got none of them. The thing is, getting HOTMs is factored by RNG.

As for Vela in defense, I have posted in some other threads that I have 2 of her, one is maxed and emblemed, but never in my regular raid defense as I have my Snow White flanking my Telly. The sad thing is, the current Vela is stronger against my monogreen team usually combating Telly tanks. So, I am using my monoreds and they have more success now than my monogreens in battling GTV defenses.

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I have done multiples summons on last Valhalla, ended with a couple of 5* but no hero of the month.

Bad luck?

Pd: And i wanted Zocc i lack on 5* green :sob:


Does a 3* hero count into “or above” or is it just the troops?

I use “the summoning method”. Do I believe that it really works? Not really. But it makes me feel that I can do something, anything to get better heroes. By using this method I got Sir Lancelot and Sargasso. Coincidence? Probably.
I don’t have a single HOTM.

Yes, it does. Last month I pulled: 1* troop, 1* troop, 3* hero and then Sargasso.

I pulled a 3* troop, 3* hero, and then Agnes on the coin pull.

No 5 stars on a Valhalla 10x.

So don’t think that this guarantees results.


My friend try that method and fail.

I summon only once without that method and get Noor.

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Well, the more you do summonings, higher are your chances to get a HOTM. This is just maths. In a 10 pulls, you have 13% chances to get the HOTM. In 10 x 10 pulls (100 pulls), 130%… But this doesn’t mean your are sure to get it after 100 pulls ! Statistics can be crual sometimes, and you can get the HOTM on a single pull with free coins (I got Zocc like that), or made 60 pulls and don’t get it (Noor didn’t want to join my roster in Avalon).

what i c is just superstitious methods circulating in youtube…i tried that some is true some not…i dont think theres fix method to get 5star heroes or HOTM except they SG stated 30x pulls guaranteed HOTM on info tab…

Don’t believe you.
20 times

… that is not how math works…

In 10 pull, your chance is not 10 × 1.3% but 100% - (100% - 1.3%)^10…


This voodoo magic is around for many months if not longer, even got promoted by Anchor once on his YouTube channel.

My take on it is - people wanna believe they can have influence on randomness and can control it. Around national lotteries there are entire communities analyzing the numbers, number pairs appearances, streaks without a particular number etc. All to make them think that by this they can make their luck better, and feel better. Randomly someone gets something and BOOM out of sudden people keep claiming the method works, forgetting 99 others who did got :poop: using the same method. RNG can not be controlled, if there are patterns identified - it’s because people were trying very hard to find those patterns, but they all exist in the past, and do not transpose to the future; future results will rather create different patterns, that can then be analyzed and commented with ‘sigh if I only knew, that was obvious’

Of course, as many others, I have tried this method more than few times (it really helps controlling spending habits if you have issues with that), once it did get me Killhare, but 20 other times it got me just regular trash summons. All in line with expected summon odds without voodoo magic.


We want to think we are in control. We aren’t. It’s random. The end.


Yes, you are correct, but it makes me feel better about summons (I am not so demotivated by bad summons) and as @Suicide_Bunny said - it helps me to save tokens, gems or coins. :slight_smile:

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