Summoning Luck


I think the programmers have enabled the “Bad luck when Summoning” flag in my account. Quite a few tries in the epic/legendary one, but the Neon “Loser” sign shows and I get a wimpy 3 star. Could they turn that feature off for a summon or two? :wink:


How many summons have you done?


I would say at least 40-50. Possibly more.


I share your luck unfortunately. Even through TC20 trainings I still only have a lone 5*. Starting to build up a decent number of 4* heroes at least.


You have one more than me. haha. I just get frustrated when get matched on a raid to someone with 4-5 of those 5* heroes. Like a slap to the face. :unamused:


@1CARob, your team must be powerful if you are drawing matches like that. Don’t forget, 5*‘s are very squishy until they are maxed. Watch Avicious’ video on raiding, it will warm your heart.


I have my heroes team at about 3340 power currently. I reroll if they have several. I can’t survive the special attacks of several 5* heroes. If they have one, I just have to target that one to kill first.


Why do you think they’ve enabled that bad luck flag for your account? Did you do something bad? Come clean now…


Killed a few titans. But who hasn’t? Haha


That’s OK. They deserved it! :laughing:


Same here…45 summons - not a sinlge 5*


Not sure if it makes anyone feel better, but each of the first two videos here:

shows 50 summons, each with 0 5* heroes.


Looks like I’m not the only one with the Bad Luck Flags enabled. I just make my 4* ones work harder.


It took me 6+ months to get my first 5*. I wouldn’t say it was bad luck, since it gave me time to develop my swank team of 4* and learn how to use them. :wink:

Now if I could only get a HOTM… grins


I have heard that there are 2 things that will remove your “no 5*” flag. He’ll must freeze over OR you must spend $1,000,000 US dollars. Whichever comes first!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Well, there is a Hell in Michigan. And it is quite frozen over right now. Haha. :rofl:


Yep, not too far from Climax, both are frozen solid, watch out for the up coming flood of 5*'s :rofl:


Climax is nowhere near Hell except both are in LP.


I know, Talisax, I live near Climax, just having fun. :wink:


Me too. Well 45 min, used to work in Kalamazoo and was in Climax often