Summoning Gate Types and Dates?

Does anybody know what are all the types and when do they normally come out for example.
For example:
Elemental Summon (Rotation every 2 days changing Elements).
Epic Hero Summon (All the time?)
Atlantis Summon (Last week of the month? for 3 days.)

Are there any other types of Summon? and when?
I think a proper list of this information is useful, specially for big spenders, so that new players can save their gems for a better or a different type of summon gate.





There are no any other summoans. Only event summoans what replacing elemental or epic summoan. Challenge events are 2nd Thurstcay in month replacing elemental summoan. Seasonal event replacing epic summoan. Dates are unknown.

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Thanks but how are these challenging events? I suppose there’s a challenge, so it’s nnot like the ones listed above that you only need money or tokens.

Can you buy pulls with gem on these Challenge events and the other types?
Atlantis have season 2 Summons,
whats the difference with the other Challenge summoning gates.

I ask because I haven’t seen them, I know there are a lot of answers spread in the forum but the idea is that there-s one with all explained.

Thanks, I get your point,
but to people that just started the game, all this forum links is a bit overwhelming as they have never seen it before. I know probably all the answers are in the forum, and I have search a lot including the ones you have mentioned but even after reading those, I ask myself if there are other ones not posted there.

I will read more into those links.

How long you playing? Challenge summoans are the same like Epic just there are added 5 heroes from challenge event. Chalenge event is mission where you can win some ascention material + tokens… and also chance to buy event heroes.

Here they are from post above ours:

Yes in challenge event you can use only gems.
In seasonal even you can use also saved gold tokens.

Next challenge event should be in 14th February

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Your two best sources of information are your alliance teammates and a search of the forums.

All MMOs are constantly evolving, unlike physical media video games, so there is not a set manual. The few MMOs that I have seen try to create a set manual, often have out dated, contradictory, and out right wrong information within months. I would much rather the Devs spent time on the game than manual writing.

Even alliance teammates with disagree with each other, and oh boy, will users on the forum disagree with each other:

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