Summoning event approaching

What special event is approaching and what are the heros to summon?

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Should be Pirates of Corellia and the associated event heroes.

Some heroes who are a total waste of money.
The heroes are so balanced that everyone needs only Guin and Panthera.

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Yes, it is the Pirates of Corellia back in rotation tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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3x dark hero + 2x holy hero.
The team I use to flatten a Guin/Panther defence. Yes, I’m aware that strategy requires luck on the initial board, but I’ll take my chances…as opposed to constantly whining about overpowered hero cards. Try thinking of ways to win the raid and you might just enjoy the game more :grinning:

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Where did I say anything about raids?
From all events we have just a few targets. The pirates definitely are not one of them. All heroes in pirates are weak.

Well, you won’t ever find Panther outside of raids, so I’m not sure why you referenced her. And Guin isn’t overpowered, just another problem to solve.
It’ll be a boring (and very short lived) game if, as you assert, every player only needs those 2 heros.
But you are more than entitled to your opinion, and I enjoy the discussion relating to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Peters (green 4*) is more than useful and Sargasso (red 5*) is worth a look too.
Good luck with the event!

Locke is an interesting hero now that her special has been sped up from 6 to 4 turns. She’s the rare example of a design that is better as a hero than as an event boss. In the event, just bring antidotes and she causes no problems. But in raids and wars, antidotes aren’t an option, and so Locke’s damage can be devastating. Her all-ally cleanse is also increasingly valuable as we get more heroes with nasty DoT or status ailments.

Kestrel is a solid 5*. Sargasso, getting better.

Peters (formerly Cabin Boy Peters) was a complete gem when first released. Hansel and Merlin have since overshadowed him, but Peters is still a very solid 4* that I use in every war.