Summoning B.S


Earlier today i decided to purchase some gems in an effort to strengthen my team. I purchased enough gems to summon 5 heroes. Here’s how my summoning turned out:

  1. 3 star Gan ju. (yellow)
  2. 3 star Gan ju. (yellow)
  3. 3 star Kailina. (yellow)
  4. 3 star Gan ju. (yellow)
  5. 3 star Bane. (yellow)

Do you see anything wrong and repetative here?
This is very frustrating to say the least. As I’ve said before, if someone chooses to build their team on nothing but game play then so be it, i guess it’s the luck of the draw, however, if i am spending cash money to purchase heroes i should not see duplicates and triplicates.
Something really needs to be done to give the paying customers more control over what they get. I’ve seen other people suggest charging a few more gems for that control. I would pay a little more myself.
Maybe a pricing structure like this:
1 star heroes 100 gems, 2 stars 200 gems, 3 star 300 gems and so on.
I’d like to hear from someone regarding this issue.


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