Summoning at the last second

Ok, this is gonna sound dumb. What happens if you do a 10 or 30 pull for valhalla right as the counter reaches 0? This Valhalla event ends just as the month does. So I was wondering if you would chance on the Jan HOTM or Feb HOTM? Also, if valhalla would feature a new hero next month, would you get better odds for the Jan or Feb featured hero?

I think the heroes u get are decided the moment u spend your gems… So it would still be bertilla

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it will be January.
if you try to summon after the timer the game will tell you it is over. i think now it will exit you from the summon portal after the time is over


This is UK time for hotm and valla

The hotm will end the same as valla so it won’t be possible to get both. Edit was thinking uk time Feb starts In 4 hours technically… Not e&p portal time.

Sorry to say so, but it will likely just be a 3 star…



You can start 30 pulls when it is 10 second to finish. And it will take more than 10 seconds.
So you have different outcomes

  1. 30 Valhalla summons with 30 chances for January hotm

  2. X Valhalla summons and Y other no Valhalla summons, because Valhalla has ended… And X/Y January/February hotm chances

  3. a crash.

I’ll say one happens, but I’ll love 3 if it’s not me summoning

So this means that the 10/30 heroes have already been predetermined on click? Not individually as the come out of the portal? How does that compute with the HOTM chance pulls?

yes, all summon results are generated the moment you clicked summon.
the 1 by 1 is just animation to look nice and HoTM is always last in the animation


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