Summoning 1 Star in Daily Summon

Its alright to obtain or win 1 Star heroes when fighting stages, but not in the daily summon. I don’t think it’s fair to spend 150 gems and get a one star in the daily summon. I say stop giving one star in daily summon, does anyone feel or think the same way as me or different?

Single pull of the daily summons costs 150 Gems, not 300.

A 300 Gem single pull occurs on Epic, Elemental, and Event Summons, which means you should get no less than a 3*.

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1 and 2 stars are free and super easy to get in the first two levels in the training camp. I wouldnt waste 150 gems on a daily summon ever.

Tokens come from so many areas in the game, there’s no need to waste precious gems


Thank you Shohoku, my mistake, corrected.

Don’t buy daily summons lol. Daily summons are feeder heroes, just use tokens there.


SWEG I don’t buy daily summon, yes you’re right daily summon are feeders, but still I don’t like the fact that my free daily summon or free tokens I get one star when I get them for free when fighting stages or even two stars heroes.

Can I ask, why do you care about getting a 1* when it’s from a free token, therefore a free feeder hero? Yeah, it’s not as much exp as a 2*, but it’s free. Wouldn’t you rather get something over absolutely nothing?

I know there’s been several times I’ve gotten absolutely no tokens from a chest, now that sucks, but still not the end of the world. Idk, I guess I’ve just learned to appreciate the things that are given freely in this game; it’s one less thing to grind or pay for in order to progress further. Don’t take those 1* for granted; think of it as one less hero you have to farm for to further level your heroes. Maybe then you’ll appreciate their worth.


I honestly don’t see an issue here, you get those tokens all the time for free… plus the split between 1* and 2* is pretty even.

Don’t ever spend gems on those summons… just use your tokens and daily pulls

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This is my biggest complaint!

You get a Token or wait 24 hrs, only to get a 1 star hero? Major flaw in the system, I think. Very discouraging.


That’s why I don’t understand the point of it.
When you are just starting the game, it’s nice. But after a while, 1 star feeders add so little.
I wish the game could recognize your status or level some how and eliminate 1 star feeders from the daily summon.

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Then the people who haven’t reached that change threshold where the daily draws get better would justly complain that they’re being unfairly treated.
The free draws are free, for everyone, and everyone has the same chances of getting a given result. I treat them as a bonus gift, not some sort of right.

I’m always hoping to get troops from there due to easy producing 1 an 2 star in tc.

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Not hard to just stock the tokens until you get a hero you want to power level and use all your tokens at once to get a jump start. Also any heros you summon are able to be kept even when you go over your current hero space limit, so another perk and reason to stock up as many as possible

Only ones you have to use daily are the 2 from VIP

I don’t see the big issue here

They’re free common tokens, just another source of feeders. Think of daily summons as an extra training camp that doesnt cost resources to produce the feeders. Also extra feeder troops that people dont find enough of farming and dont want to pay to get troop feeders from epic troop summons.

And before you mention “you have to spend resources to get the tokens”, you get rewarded for those resources with more resources and the tokens are just a bonus. No one grinds just for more grey tokens.


I guess I’m too much of an “Instant Gratification” kind of guy.

Maybe it’s the dramatic graphic and effect of the glowing summon gate and the…another Aife shows up.

A bit of a let down for this relative newbie. I’ll try to dial down my expectations in the future. :slight_smile:

You actually spend gems on daily summons?!! If so, STOP NOW!!!

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I think there may be some need for clarification, the daily summons you get every 24 hours cannot be stockpiled, only the tokens can. If you don’t collect free daily summon, it just sits there until you click on the button marked “Free.” So say if you were diligent and every day at or around 8PM you get your freely earned daily summons. If you miss it today, you won’t get two tomorrow.

The 2 mentioned by @Rigs is the free one that every one gets and the bonus one from VIP Pass holders. Again, these aren’t able to be stockpiled and apparently so are the VIP Gems (hence the fine print “if you collect every day”)

Brings me to a curious situation. @Rigs, I’ve never had a situation where a summon goes over my hero limit, so where are those collected once you free up the room? I’ve had this happen with TC feeders, who just sits in the TC until ready to be collected.

If you summon more heroes than will fit in your roster size, they will still be added, but you can’t collect any more (except by more summoning) until either you feed the excess heroes away to make space or increase your roster size so there’s spare slots again.

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When I didn’t know any better playing for the first time with a lot gems, I did not use them wisely. But never use for daily now.

Only talking about free daily summon tokens. I know it’s free, and just starting out it was a cool feature, but just wish I would get at least a 2 star hero more often.

Just goes over your cap. Say if your hero space caps at 110 and you do a daily summon, it would put you at 111

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You guys don’t see the issue?

I do! It’s ridiculous!

Sure thing you get them for free once in a while. But offering them for 150 gems is ridiculous. You are getting 1* and 2* on standard levels easy.
And then you are supposed to pay 150 gems for drawing a 1*???
Sure thing you get the standard tokens regularly… But SGG wouldn’t break their leg if they would change it to 2* and 3*.

Take Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for example. You get the good summons way more often for free and I bet they still do a bag of money with their game.
Angry Birds 2 for example is doing everything with Ads and just a little pay to win.
SGG seems to be really greedy. They have way over one million players!

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