Summoned heroes winding up in Barracks sometimes. Can't retrieve them

A couple of weeks ago, I won a higher-level summoning token, and got a 4-star hero that looks sort of tree-like. Problem is, he never showed up on my Hero Roster…nowhere to be found. I figured maybe(?) my House was full or something(?) so maybe he had nowhere to go?

Anyway, fast-forward a week or so, and I converted one of my thingies into a Barracks, and lo and lo and behold, there he was! Problem is, there doesn’t seem to be any way to get him out.

Also, it seems to be an ongoing, inconsistent bug. I just did the daily free summon, the 3-star hero I received went straight into Barracks, instead of my Hero Roster. What’s up with that?


Barracks are for troops not heros. Are you using the correct terms?

Horghall is a hero that looks like a tree, but is a 5*. I don’t know of any 4*.
There are 4* troops that look like a tree, though.
I think your 4* is actually a troop, not a hero.
Also, from daily summon you can receive troops.

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AFAIK, the House is for troops, and the Barracks is for Heros. But all that aside, you can only Summon Heros, right? And if that’s the case, why do the heros I Summon sometimes wind up in my Barracks, and other times, wind up on my Hero Roster? Right now, I have 2 Epic heros stuck in my Barracks that do me no good right now, because they are not on my Hero Roster. I also paid 300 gems to Summon a higher level hero, got a 4-star Hero that, fortunately, showed up on my Hero Roster. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.
Just this morning, I Summoned 3-star hero, but she wound up in the Barracks.

Wrong… Elemental and Epic only summon heroes. Troop only summons troops, Daily can summon both.
Could you make and post a screenshot of your “heroes” in barracks?

PS: the House is for recruits. I’m pretty sure you’re confusing them, so maybe we don’t need a screenshot after all.

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That’s going to be a bit of a challenge…I’m on this forum with a windows tablet(and fried KB), while I’m playing the game on an Android tablet with no KB. If I can figure out a way to do it, I’ll post a screenshot here.

Like I added after… don’t worry about it then.

The house is for recruits (the little people on the top-right corner with a number, you never see individual pictures of them). Use recruits to train heroes in the training center(s) – it’s much cheaper than summoning heroes. The barracks is for troops, and only troops. You can add troops to your teams (matching the color of your heroes) and the troops provide bonuses (+attack, +defense, +health etc.). 4* troops are kinda rare, be glad you got that and not 3* troop.

If you feel like reading more:

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TYVM for the info and links:sunglasses:

I managed to take a cellphone picture of the Android tablet’s screen then transfer it via DropBox to my windows tablet.

Are you saying those two 4-star characters are only troops?

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Yes, they are troops. The “?” on each tells you the bonuses they provide.


Thank you, Kahree, and thank you those links…that google doc is loaded with info. I still got a lot to learn about the game.


4* troops are valuable and rare. Most players would far rather have summoned a four star troop that a four star hero.


Yes! Definitely add this 4-Star troop to your green hero. It makes a nice difference to their strength. Congrats!