Summon Tokens

The freebies are almost always a 1 and very occasionally a 2. It be nice it get a 3+ once in a while.
Also I’d like to be able to sell or trade the #1 troops that have no use for anymore. I’ve got to say that this is the BEST 3 match game on the internet. Thanks to the Creators❣️

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Yes I agree, selling what is not needed would be a nice bonus.

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selling troops would be nice but I would even settle for being able to level them up to higher troops


there has been communication from the company that there is something coming for the troops, but there have been no timelines or details yet.

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Cool copper… Really eager to see something happen… Even vendor-trash would work for me…

I would like anything that helps me reduce my unused and useless troops, but of all the ideas I have seen so far, I like the idea of being able to trade them in for stronger troops. Maybe 10 1 stars for a two star etc

Either way, I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

You do occasionally get 3* heroes from the daily summons. Rarely, but I have had 4 or 5 since I started playing.

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Update 1.4 is going to have troop upgrades! I’ve seen a sneak peek beyond the new building. (Which is accessible after lvl 10 stronghold, and can be built over existing buildings.) You will be able to level up your troops through training, and rare and elite troops will have special abilities such as mana gain increase, healing effect increase, and health increase.

I have what info I have already typed into the guide, and should have a chance to put it up a bit later today. The only delay could be if testing the new feature isn’t completed in time for the release.

I know I can’t wait for the release now!!

Click Here to get to the game guide, The Coppersky Compendium.
(And any error in relaying the information from the sneak peek is mine.)


Coppersky, you are just too wonderful for all the effort you put out to help all of us.

Thank You